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How to Save Your Relationship

When you first met everything was perfect. You wanted to see each other all the time. Now you feel that there is something wrong. You just can't put your finger on it. Here are ways to save your relationship:

1) Open communication. You won't know what the problem is or how to fix it if you can't communicate with each other. Tell each other how you feel and then take it from there.

2) Spend more time with each other. Get out of that relationship rut you are in. Do fun activities together. Weather it is going to the movies or playing miniature golf. Put the spice back into your relationship and remember how much fun the both of you had when you first started dating.

3) Once you know what the problem is fix it. If you feel one person is not giving the other enough of affection start show how much you care. If you feel that one person is being insensitive try being less sarcastic and showing them that they are first in your world.

4) Start respecting each other. Respect is what relationships are all about. Respect the other person's feelings and opinions. Don't force their views or anything they do not want to do on them.

If all else fails go see a relationship therapist or read self-help books. Couples who really love each other will do anything to make it work.

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