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How to save winter weary skin at-home, online and at the store

Winter skin: what a bummer.

Right about now skin has about had it. Give skin and soul winter reprieve with this moisturizing, mineral-rich facial mask. Make extra to slather on the rest of you too. 

Banana Mash Mask

Gather: 1 1/2 ripe bananas and 2 teaspoons honey

Then: Mash the bananas in a bowl with hands or a fork. Mash just enough to make them soft, but not too much that they become runny. Mix in the honey. Wa-la!

Spread the mask on the face (leftovers do well on the hands and neck). After ten minutes, rinse with warm (not hot) water.

At the store (or online)

According to Lush, Sympathy for the Skin is the winter go-to. The cream is chock full of almond oil and cocoa butter and has a light comforting vanilla and sandalwood scent. The main attraction is mashed-up bananas, so it offers all the benes of the above at-home recipe, sans the mess ($22.35 for 8.4 oz).

In Chicago

Lush has six locations:
West Armitage: 859 West Armitage  (773) 281-5874
North Michigan: Ave. 835 North Michigan Ave. (312) 573-1805
State St.: 111 N. State St. (312) 795-0863
Oak Brook Center Mall: 630) 571-5434
Northbrook: 2171 Northbrook Court (847) 498-5874
Woodfield Mall (847) 240-5874

Lara Piu is the author of Good things celebs do, how to live The Good Life too. She co-founded and has been an online journalist for Gannett (AZCentral, Your Essential Style, MomsLikeMe) since 2003. Contact her at, on Facebook and on Twitter.

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