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How to save on electric in an RV

1's, 5's, & 10's in US currency
1's, 5's, & 10's in US currency
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Learn how to save on your electric bill by trying these proven methods. If you live full or part time in an RV it is very possible to be frugal when it comes to paying that dreaded bill each month. Whether it is summer or winter, you too can save money year round on your electric by taking these simple steps.

Place pillows in roof vents

Many RV’s have roof vents that are usually made of plastic. Whether you own a 5th wheel, travel trailer, or a motor home, heat and air will easily escape from these vents. Many people like to open these during good weather and do not want to close them up permanently.

You can save money here by purchasing the square foam pillow that many large discount supermarkets sell in their camping section. They are usually covered with cotton sheep look alike cloth. These pillows are specifically made for RV roof vents and are one of the best ways to save on your electric while living in any type of camper.

Close off a section of your camper

Here is another money saving tip you can use to help you save on your electric. If your RV is a good size camper, learn how to close off the bedroom and even the bathroom during the day when these are not being used. Both of these rooms can be closed off from spring to fall. After the sun goes down and it begins to cool off outside you can then open the bathroom until it cools down and then open the bedroom to cool off the entire RV. This is one of the best ways to keep your electric bill down.

Learning how to use this tip will also help to stretch the life of your air conditioner and heater. If your AC is working hard all day to cool your entire RV the life of the fan motor and/or compressor will be shortened. Following these simple steps will not only help you to save on electric but also extend the life of major appliances.

Place sun visors in your windows

All auto parts stores sell sun visors for all size vehicles. These not only are great for a car or truck but also will reflect the sun from your RV windows as well. You may have to get creative with how to install these in your windows. You can try hanging mini blinds first and then tape the sun visor to the blind or use Velcro. Placing these in the windows that face west will help lower your electric bill and save you money.

Hang thermal curtains over windows

Another sure way to help you save on electric while staying in an RV is to hang thermal curtains in all the windows. Sometimes you can buy used curtains from hotels. Hotels and resorts regularly replace curtains and many times are willing to sell them. Learning where and how to locate these curtains for a cheap price can be the hard part. These types of curtains are perfect because they usually are also room darkening curtains that help keep the heat out while reducing your electric bill.

Place skirting around the RV

If you have a permanent spot for your camper you can install skirting around the bottom. This tip is a fantastic way to save on electric especially during the winter months. Skirting for an RV or mobile home can be expensive but there are DIY more affordable ways to accomplish this task. Teach yourself how to place less expensive skirting around your camper and it will look just as nice as the pricey kind but will lower your electric bill.

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