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How to save money on hotel bookings this summer

As summer approaches, it is the time for many families to go on summer vacation together again. When you have a big family like I do, summer vacations can be an expensive affair.

However, as long as you know how to save money the smart way when researching and booking your trip, you can save a significant amount which would go a long way into making your vacation budget stretch longer and farther.

First of all, when planning for flights, avoid flying during weekends and holidays, as the airfares for these dates are usually really steep. By being more flexible on dates you can actually save a few hundred dollars per person, depending on where you are flying to.

Next, try to go for family rooms or triple sharing rooms wherever possible. Usually such rooms cost a little more but the money you would save by sharing rooms would be really significant. Plus, it would actually be fun for everyone in the family to bunk together once in a while!

When booking your hotel stays online, be sure to check out multiple websites in order to find the best rates, as different hotels usually have different prices on various websites. It pays to do a little more research before booking to take advantage of the best rates online.

Another tip is to use coupon codes when booking hotels. Just last week, I was booking hotel rooms for our upcoming family vacation and I used a discount code which helped me to save over a hundred dollars on a single booking! How's that for smart savings? It didn't take much effort to find the code and apply it to the booking, so be sure to use this sort of coupons when booking your hotel stays. There are also coupons for Expedia, Orbitz and many other booking sites which you can easily find on Google.

This is a little off topic for fashion, but I just wanted to share some tips with my loyal readers who have been following me. Be sure to stay tuned to my blog here this summer as I share more summer fashion trends and news with you.

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