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How to save money on books

The main library is closed, but there are plenty of others at Ohio State.

It’s spring quarter again! The birds are singing, the ducks are mating, and students everywhere are shelling out lots of money to buy textbooks. Here are a few ways to save this quarter:

1.    Borrow from the library – On Ohio State’s website you can search for your books in the libraries at Ohio State as well as many other colleges in Ohio, all of which can be shipped to your dorm room or the nearest campus library free of charge. Books usually arrive in less than a week, and you can keep them all quarter for free. What’s better than free books?
2.    Shop around – Barnes and Noble, SBX, and UBX all offer used books, but sometimes it’s useful to compare prices before actually buying. Although Barnes and Noble is often criticized for being too pricey, I have actually found some books there to be cheaper than at the other bookstores. However, no bookstore is the "cheapest", so it’s best to either visit all of them, call ahead, or look online before you buy.
3.    Buy books online – and Amazon often sell used textbooks for a discounted price. This price is often cheaper than the bookstores’, but then you have to pay for shipping. Because these books come directly from other customers, sometimes it takes a while for the books to be delivered. If you want to keep a book, this is a good option because you can often rent the book from the library while you wait for your purchase to ship.
4.    Ask around – Often times you will already know someone who has taken the class and is willing to sell their old book to you. This deal is good for everyone because you will pay them more than the bookstore would for their book, but the price will be less for you because there’s no middle man.

Good luck with spring quarter!

For more info: Ohio State Libraries


  • Frances 5 years ago

    You can also check out , DealOz compares 200 bookstore prices and free discount coupons too. Their coupons are valid and have saved over $500 on my textbooks.

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