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How to run a sale in your eBay store

Markdown Manager is an easy and convenient eBay tool.
Markdown Manager is an easy and convenient eBay tool.

Creating a sale in your eBay store is a great way to get rid of slow-moving merchandise, clearance out dead weight inventory, or entice buyers to purchase items at a lower price. If you have an eBay store, you can create a sale any time you like by using Markdown Manager. Sales are often most successful when run over a weekend or a holiday such as after Thanksgiving, before Mother's Day, or around Easter. Also consider running sales during busy shopping times such as Back to School, before Christmas, or around tax refund time.

To use Markdown Manager, go to My eBay and click Manage My Store. Click Marketing Tools on the left. Sales can be set by category, keyword, or specific items. So if you have and abundance of shoes, you can run a sale just on shoes. Simply choose the sale percentage or dollar amount, the category or keywords for items you want to include in the sale, and the dates for the sale to run. Remember the times offered are Pacific time, so make any adjustments. Give your sale a name (such as March Madness) - it will only be visible to you, the seller.

Using Markdown Manager only affects fixed price listings, not auctions. Also, be sure to factor in if you have included free shipping on the items in the sale. Buyers will still be able to submit Best Offers on any listings with the BO feature, so make sure to do the math on Best Offers that come in while the sale is active.

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