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How to Rip It in 2014

Okay, so you're serious about getting in shape and reaching your goals? Here's what you have to do to rip your body and muscles this year to get that toned and lean look you always wanted.

1. Take every set to failure- Don't just stop at 10 because you said ten was your aim. If you can get 1, 2, or 5 more reps, push it with good form to take the muscle to TMF (True muscle failure, copyright).

2. Increase your workout intensity- This can mean a lot of things but to an expert like me who has transformed more than 1,000 peoples' bodies within weeks, it means: taking less rest time between sets and increasing the mind to muscle control (also known as proprioception and coordination) for each rep of a weight training exercise. It does not necessarily mean increasing weight, as if you only increase weight, but lack control of the movement, you do little to isolate the muscle trained.

3. Decrease fat in your diet and unnecessary carbs, and increase vegetables, fruits, and lean protein-You are going to have to make a whole hearted conscious effort to change your diet. Once you finish your workout, you should know what you are gonna eat, and you must also know what you are eating for breakfast each day you wake up. In addition, you must have a pre-workout meal set and ready to go each day to maximize your workouts.

4. Elevate your cardio training sessions-You cannot skip on cardio in the same way you cannot skip on weights. You must have a weekly goal each week you need to hit as far as time goes with cardio. You also must perform it at a relatively high level. For example, my bare minimum has always been 2 and a half hours per week at either 6 mph on the treadmill or outdoors jogging or on a stairmaster machine at level 8 or a combination of both. For an average client (this varies on the person so don't take this exact number), I recommend at least 120 minutes per week of cardio (2 hours) at a moderately high intensity (6.0 mph jog) or a relatively high level on a piece of cardio equipment (Level 7 on stairclimbers, Level 10 on stationary bicycles)

5. Know what exercises you are doing when you enter the gym- have a program designed. It is best to do this with the help of a proven elite trainer like myself. You can't just come up with effective training regimens by reading a book or by thinking it up on your own. There are detailed things that only the highest level of expertise can know and provide when it comes to program design. These minor details, when changed and implemented, produce the fastest results and most dramatic change.

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