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How to resign with grace

Resign with grace by following these tips.
Resign with grace by following these tips.
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It’s a small world out there. If you have – or plan to – give your resignation, do so as gracefully as possible. You should be mindful of not readily burning bridges in exchange for a personally satisfying rebuff to people who have caused them harm.

Aim to do as much as you can in the time you have. Making sure things are in good order will help your team members adjust to the change. It will also help you leave on good terms. It's important to remember that, you may eventually work with your former team members again.

What should you do before you leave? Here's a list of actions for your 'to do' list:
Bring your projects up to date – You can't always complete every project before making a transition, but if you finish as much as you can, this will make life easier on the person who takes your place.

Prepare a report for your replacement – Detail what this person needs to know: future projects, who your clients are (and their contact information), tasks you recently completed, and how you did them – and anything else that's important.

Give 'insider' tips – Think about what you know now that you didn't know when you started this position. For example, if you're in charge of ordering supplies, it might have taken you months, or years, to figure out which vendors give the best deals. Or there may be an administrative procedure that saves you time. Why not leave this insider information for your replacement? It will only make the transition easier.

Help train your replacement – If you have the opportunity, this will ease the stress on both your boss and the person taking over from you. If your replacement hasn't yet been chosen, consider briefing another team member who may temporarily take your place.
Contact key business associates – Let clients, vendors, and other key people know when your last day is, and whom they should contact after you've gone. Then they won't be confused or frustrated if they try to reach you, and weren't told of the personnel change.


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