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How to remove obstacles and achieve success

Jim Tressel followed God's direction and is now a successful coach. What can God accomplish in you?
Jim Tressel followed God's direction and is now a successful coach. What can God accomplish in you?
AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

The road to success is rarely easy or clear. Normally one must navigate over obstacles and continue in spite of persistent testing. It takes a person who believes they can accomplish their goals that make their success a reality. But for every person who succeeds many more stumble.

Obstacles hold us from our highest callings, our greatest successes, and our most prized desires. God fills each of us with talent, with ability, with passion, but it is up to us to believe in Him to carry each of these out in our lives. This is no easy task.

Life has ways of throwing obstacles into our path. Our days are constantly filled doing projects, chores, running errands, that by the time we have free time we’re too spent to enjoy it. But was life meant to be this constant carousel?

Another problem is our ability to beat ourselves up mentally. We look at those with success as they’re “lucky” and think “why can’t anything good ever happen to me?” Thoughts such as, “I’m never good enough,” or “nothing good will happen to me,” limit our perceptions of ourselves. This can be severely damaging in our walk with God and our futures.

While we say we’re not good enough God says we are. While we can’t think of a way to change God creates a way. The ability to change comes by realizing that it starts in your mind. When your mind can change, your actions will follow suit, and eventually you’ll notice a change.

When we find our self worth in Christ, when we allow Him to guide our ways, our future and possibilities are endless. There isn’t anything we cannot achieve through Christ. When our direction and focus goes to what God sees in us, our ability to see ourselves in that light changes. Our goals will change to.

Too many times in life we shortchange ourselves because we lack to see the ability God has given us. If we turn that switch on, if we allow ourselves to believe, to visualize, focusing on our goals, there isn’t anyone or anything that can stop us.

I know it’s easier said than done. But what do you have to lose? The negative thinking and lack of self worth doesn’t work. It’s familiar territory I’ve been there myself. But recently God has opened my eyes to the possibility of my future and it’s bigger than I ever imagined. If God can do that to me there’s no question He can do that through you.

It’s up to you to want to change. Want to tackle that debt monster? Focus on God, believe in Him, and allow yourself to believe that God can accomplish this through you. Want to start that business? Allow yourself to believe God has given you the talent and ability to do so.

God gives us a passion, a glowing torch inside of us. This torch is our guide to what God has in store for us. Even with life and all of its obstacles that dim our lights, God can light the fire and reignite the passion. All it takes is for us to believe in God. God has done tremendous work through many of His servants. The question you have to ask is why can’t He through me?