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How to relax when you can't travel: Wild flowers

Need a vacay? Some of us are chronic travelers. Being in our boring little comfort zone for too long can make us feel panicked and delirious. We are hard core travel junkies. We are constantly thinking about and yearning for and waking up in cold sweats over our next travel fix. We need to have that airplane ticket in our hand to detach from stressful work quotas, family drama and daily monotony.

Wild flowers
Wild flowers
Melanie Jones
Tamera in  Korea

As a nation, we have forgotten how to relax. You can see it in the pulsing forehead vein of every government worker, the twitching eye of overwhelmed healthcare employees and the audible grunty sigh of every unappreciated school teacher and administrator. It affects every industry.

It just isn't always practical to hop on a plane to Fiji, Tanzania or even Pennsylvania. The only cure for this rut is taking life's bull by the horns. And life can throw a whole lot of bull at you! You will need to produce a deliberate act of freedom! Freeeeeeeeeedom!

Your first deliberate act of freedom--begin by walking to a field. You drive past them all the time in the hustle and bustle of your busy day and never even notice them. City dwellers may have a small field near the freeway on ramp, or behind the Target shopping center near the park. If you pay attention, you will see them in many places. Wherever your field is leash up your dog, strap on your infant with your Ergo baby carrier or, for the most meditative experience, go it alone and pick wild flowers. Make a micro bouquet of field grasses and wild flowers. You don't need many flowers.

When you go home put them in an small jelly jar if you eat a lot of sandwiches, or a test tube if you are a scientist and put that sucker right in the middle of your kitchen table as a reminder that you, my little wild flower, my not be able to travel right now but you can enjoy the beauty around you.

Alternatively, you can gift your wildflowers to an equally stressed individual or check out the video for some pretty cool ideas.

There is just something about finding a good plot of wild flower covered land that makes you feel brand new. Send me your wild flower pictures so I can post them in the slide show!

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