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How to recession-proof your relationship


Although Georgia's unemployment rate has reached 10.3 percent,  there has been a decline in the number of first-time claims being filed.  In a news release distributed today by the Georgia Department of Labor, "95,264 laid-off workers filed initial claims for unemployment insurance benefits in January, a decrease of 5,632, or 5.6 percent, from 100,896 in December.  Also, there was a decline of 24,875, or 20.7 percent, from 120,139 claims filed in January 2009."  

The recession, unemployment, troubled-times are buzz words used daily regarding the poor economy and the difficult times associated with it. It is easy for people to remain preoccupied with their economic problems and other financial issues. This tension can be quite stressful and can have a negative impact on your relationships. It is extremely important, now more than ever to take the required steps to make your relationship stronger.    

Below are a few tips on how to keep your marriage healthy and strong even during the tough times:

Get The Facts
Due to the recession, there may be reduction in your family income or a need to lower expenses. Sit down with your spouse and make the situation clear by talking with each other. Discuss the household expenses and attempt to create a budget to insure that your family will not be caught off guard.   As long as the financial situation is clear in both minds, it is less likely for arguments or disagreements to arise.
Find Solutions Together
If your family is already in financial trouble it is important for both partners to come up with the solution together. Create a strategy for overcoming the current challenge and then craft a plan for the future. During this process, be sure to avoid placing blame for the problem.  This process is to find solutions and move forward.  
Spend More Time Together
Do things like family "dinner and games" night. Look for creative activities you can do at home. There are also many free and inexpensive activities throughout the Metro Atlanta area.  Check out the book, 83 Fun, Free Actitivities for Kids in Atlanta.  This e-book promises to be filled with all types of free activities for kids from ages 3-12. There are listings for free museum days, sports lessons, crafts, movies & music, and more. As a bonus, you get a listing of 20 places where kids eat free.   Such activities can build intimacy between spouses and also foster better a relationship with the children
The best time to gain clarity and power in  your relationship is when you are facing challenges in life. This is the time to work together and gain rewards by establishing a close and intimate partnership with the one you love.  That  is something that money can't buy.


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