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How To Read A Person’s Face- #2-

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(Photos by Lin Klaassen)

Lin Klaassen makes the science of Face Reading (Physiognomy) easy for you to understand. There are so many ways to use the ability to read faces. One fun and relevant reason might be with dating and relationships.

Now you can take the question, "Is that man/ woman right for me?" and have an answer before going through all the time and trouble of finding out the usual way. With the excitement of meeting someone for the first time, you may not want to stop and study their face. But maybe knowing about the person can help you understand them better.

Each person is on their best behavior when they first meet and during the initial early part of their relationship. But what is he/she really like? I think feelings are important in finding a compatible relationship. If you read a person's face and see they are an independent loner don't run away.

Lin's "Finding Your Ideal Partner" explains how to analyze each person's face. Size, shape, placement and proportion are all important aspects of face reading. When you study an individual's facial feature look at their size in proportion to the face it is on. The larger it is, the more significant it will be in the personality.
Such factors like a large nose, arched eyebrows, broad chin, depth of the eye sockets, ear height, or other facial traits could be very important.

When reading a facial trait you always study it in proportion to the overall face. The space from the bottom of your nose to the top of your upper lip has a meaning. According to Lin, a thin upper lip indicates the person guards his/her feelings and openness. It would take time to really know them and find it challenging to talk about personal subjects.

Lin explained, "Certain traits are great in a plastic surgeon but not in a husband. A plastic surgeon is usually detail oriented and a high level perfectionist. It would make me crazy to be married to him."

What traits are important for an ideal partner? Lin advises, "You cannot tell if a person is lying by Face Reading, just use body language for that. Sometimes a person's face becomes embarrassed and awkward when they lie. Only conmen can hide their feelings after telling the lie so often, they believe it themselves.

Face Reading has been rediscovered many times during the past 3,000 years. Aristotle is credited for one of the first know face reading systems.

Your physical appearance is strongly influence by family genetics but scientists have discovered that the personality and behavioral traits also have a genetic origin. At birth each person is a genetic blueprint of their parents then your life experiences and the people in your lives can impact who you choose and how you act. Face

Reading is based on the observation made through centuries that there is a correlation between the structure of the face, personality and behavior traits.
Lin Klaassen offers complete How to Read Faces Guides for Poker Players, Dating, Sales, Acing the Interview and more. For information, call (586)-773-4230.

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