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How to raise your vibration

You Have a Great Day
Kevin Spacie

I have been working with a system that came to me during a meditation that is helping me raise my vibration and thus my point of attraction. It has four parts to it, each one is easy to explain but hard to fulfill.

  1. It starts out by releasing all the gripes you have about the past. Though this may sound easy it has taken me several years to get to a place of peace with the people and events that I call my life. Do whatever it takes to release any past hurts. I have used therapist, frien-apist, New Year’s Eve burning bowl rituals,, journals, and other methods to release my past. Find your many ways of letting go of the hurts that hold you stuck at a lower vibration.
  2. Establish your present. Create meaningful daily practices that will uplift you. For this I have begun by saying my affirmations as soon as I wake up to help point me in the right direction. I also now check my phone and email daily as well as 9 other things that I am currently incorporating into a daily practice. So yes, it has been 3-4 days since I checked my email and I now have to catch up, but it is the building of these habits that will take effort in the beginning and pay off big time in the long run. My daily meaningful practices range from eating a salad and drinking green tea every day, to writing and reading spiritual material each night. What will your daily meaningful practices look like?
  3. Plan for your future. Create momentum in the direction of your dreams. Have goals that are larger than life and work towards them every day.
  4. Live as if…

Live your life as if it is already happening. The dreams you dream for yourself are now a reality and other than them not being visible to you today, live as though there were happening right now. Begin to feel what it would feel like when they do come true.

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