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How to raise a powerful child:

Many parents spend a great deal of money when raising a child. A parent’s love wants to protect that child at all costs. Higher education, sports, dance, music lessons might all be added into the equation to empower that child. In addition, a parent might assume that their organized religion has already 100% prepared that child with spiritual direction. However, the child will often be faced with situations that a parent has not been able to properly prepare that child for in advance.

There are some things you can do to teach your child early on to make them better prepared for the outside world. A parent can greatly benefit their child by teaching them the 36 spiritual laws (laws of the universe) in advance. These are not taught in schools but have powerful guidance that can benefit your child.

People who have mastered spirituality are centered in the present moment. They do not get stuck living in the past as a victim. Nor do they get stuck in fear worrying about what the future might hold. In addition, they understand the laws of the universe and are fully aware of what happens when these laws are violated.

Life presents people with many difficult challenges. A person might experience a horrible injustice and then spend years trying to get back to a healthy mental state before that injustice occurred. Unfortunately, many are not trained in the spiritual law of “Cause and Effect”. The injustice often leaves those stuck in deep seated anger or possible thoughts of revenge.

The law of “Cause and Effect” teaches a person that whatever energy or thoughts that you put out towards the universe return right back to you. Thus the injustice you endured often gets a person trapped in misery wanting to seek vengeance. Confucius already had taught that if you seek revenge you need to build two graves.

The world is filled with people trapped in their injustices. Many people seek their peace and harmony through psychiatric medications, process addictions, or through substance abuse. They have never been taught how they are creating their reality by their own energy and thoughts that they put out towards the universe after experiencing that injustice. Their coping strategy is blame which further complicates their life and prevents them from learning how they are creating their own reality.

All 36 spiritual laws should be taught to every child. Psychology does not have all the answers and thus the reason for the over drugging of Americans on psychiatric medications. Life lessons do not get learned when a child is stuck in extreme anger. Their life becomes a hamster wheel of drama thinking that the outside world is bringing them chaos and stress.

The best way to prepare a child is to teach them spirituality in advance. A spiritual person listens to their inner voice and intuition. They are present and 100% responsible for their actions. Unfortunately, too many people in America never learn spiritual laws until they have endured tremendous pain. The more balance you can bring to a child’s life the better prepared he will be for his future!

Love your child!

Prepare them in advance!

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