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How to put an eBay Store on vacation mode

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During the summer, some eBay sellers put their business on hold for various reasons including travel, entertaining out of town guests, or having the kids home all day. It is easy and free to put an eBay store on vacation mode and not lose all the work done creating listings. This is also a handy feature to use when an emergency arises, such as being hospitalized or having to leave town for a family emergency.

Putting a store on vacation simply means that the listings are not available to appear in searches and items cannot be purchased. Listings are hidden from buyers, but not from your own eBay Summary page. Everything will still be there when vacation mode is removed.

When turning on vacation settings, the seller has the option to add a personalized message, such as, “We are on vacation until June 30 and our store will reopen on July 1." Unfortunately, individual listings cannot be put on vacation mode. A store is needed to access the vacation mode setting.

eBay sellers will be charged normal fees including store subscription fees or good-til-canceled automatic re-lists when in vacation mode. It is a good idea to set your store on vacation mode 2-3 days before leaving town so that there isn’t an urgent need to ship items when trying to leave home the day your vacation begins. Remember, unshipped items can have a negative effect on seller metrics, so be sure to set vacation mode in plenty of time before leaving home.

Follow these steps to put your store on vacation mode:

1. Click the Messages tab in My eBay.

2. Select the Change settings link on the top right side of the page.

3. In the Store vacation settings section, select Turn ON.

4. If you'd like to hide your fixed price listings and prevent buyers from making purchases from them while you're away, select Hide and block purchases from my fixed price listings.

5. If you'd like buyers to see a return date, select Display a return date, and enter a date in the box provided.

6. In the Message to display on your storefront section, edit the default text displayed in the textbox if you would like to customize it.

7. Click the Apply button.



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