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How to pull off the coolest last minute Super Bowl party

Yes NFL fans, it’s that time again – the Super Bowl! Since most of the country is experiencing a winter mix and with the high cost of parking to wait in line to get in a bar where you may not be able to see clearly, many who are in search of a group activity are hosting Super Bowl parties at home.

The Slow Roasted Italian

Many Super Bowl Sundays’ are described with the awesomeness of a great summer day filled with fun friends, cool drinks, and an exciting game as the backdrop. With this spirit in mind, why not prepare for this momentous occasion as if it were an actual fun-filled day during the summer.

Starting with the most important necessity for hosting or attending any awesome party – Location! Location! Location! To create a comfortable, yet themed appropriate viewing area, Ellery Homestyles offers these tips:.

1. Reduce screen glare by hanging total blackout curtains.

2. Save some money for those fresh prime cuts of beef by using decorations that you may already have in your home such as old trophies, jerseys and all things football. This decor may help to keep everyone in the spirit despite the score.

3. Don’t allow disturbing body odors and indigestion to ruin the mood. Or rather than risking a victory dance that may knock over lit candles, use the 21st Century Sheers known as Curtain Fresh Curtains that neutralize odors as they hang.

4. Hold attention by creating printouts with everyone’s name on them and placed in reusable, yet unique cups. The printouts can include playful bets, lists of prizes, pens, mints, etc. This can kill two birds with one stone. First, use 16 to 24 oz. cups to ensure that all goodies can be easily collected and placed in them at the end of the game. And two, these take-a-way party favors reduce trash and clean up for the host.

After setting the mood, food and drinks are equally the Pièce de résistanc! No NFL event would be complete without chicken wings (made simple enough, but find your favorite recipe at The Slow Roasted Italian) and as the theme for this particular Super Bowl is one of a summer in the winter celebration, fire up the grill (indoor or outdoor) and don't forget the fall of the bone (preferably T-bone) steaks!

But for a twist to the starters, these pick-ups or finger foods are simple for periodic nibbling.

  • Italian Potato Skins made with spicy Italian Sausage (chicken is just as delish), sun dried tomatoes and Italian cheese blend.
  • Bacon Cheddar Ranch Pull Apart Bowl made with Bacon and Mexican cheese stuffed inside a warm, fluffy bread loaf. Who doesn't love bacon?

Quench every thirst with these refreshing summertime cocktails. Cherry Lemonade and Strawberry Shortcake Martini, made with or without the flavored vodka.

Get the full recipes at The Slow Roasted Italian.

To keep your Super Bowl party guests safe and satisfied, watch the Marty Duncan video for some food safety tips also found on

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