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How to pull off (or on) a one-shoulder top

The trend these days, especially during the warmer climes, is to sport the one-shoulder top or dress.

Gorgeous one-shoulder tops are a feast to any discerning eye. Tops are revealing ... just enough ... yet classy.
Fashionably-delicate one-shoulder top in sky blue

Start off with the basic essential: the bra.

If you’ve been blessed with a small rack, your bra needs are minimal. However, if you’ve got a buxom look, chances are you’ll require a one-shoulder bra to provide ample support. You can find quality one-shoulder bras at department stores that run around $25.

You can also wear a bandeau underneath for coverage. Or, a strapless bra will conceal what needs to be under wraps. Another option is to purchase a multi-way bra, with straps that allow the wearer to angle the strap in whatever direction is needed.

It’s high time to move on to the outerwear, now that we’ve got the underneath covered. A one-shoulder top or dress is meant to accentuate the beauty of a woman’s delicate shoulder and neckline area. So jostling your look up with jewelry—no matter how elegant or simple—or a cardigan sweater—despite a high cuteness factor—is like covering up your ten-carat diamond ring with a velvet glove in mid-September (no matter where you are in the U.S., September is never that cold).

Keep your one-shoulder top/dress look simple, and you might win a prestigious fashion award (from your social circle, that is … or admiration or gushing—well, you get it!).

One-shoulder tops can project class, provided the tailoring is excellent and the design and colors are classic. Take the Rachel Zoe one-shoulder ruffle top, from Saks Fifth Avenue. Paired with flared black jeans or wide-leg black pants, you’ll exude a remarkably classy appeal. If you’re into designer labels, this Rachel Zoe one-shoulder ruffle top will set you back a meager $295.

On the other hand, or shoulder, whichever your preference, one-shoulder tops can be flirty and fun. Victoria’s Secret offers prospective shoppers one-shoulder tops for under $50. The colors are bright and bold … think canary yellow and orangey orange! The material, however, is not the same quality you’d find from major designers, like Rachel Zoe or Alice + Olivia.

Saks Fifth Avenue Chicago

700 North Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60611

T by Alexander Wang one-shoulder bra top (presently unavailable)

Bandeau bra: $20-$49; strapless bra: $44


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