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How to prove the infringers are guilty, when to file suit to protect your work

Trouble for attorneys of the infringers. A major help for the attorneys of the copyright holders.
Trouble for attorneys of the infringers. A major help for the attorneys of the copyright holders.
Copyrighted 1978-2014 David George

Ways to show image ownership without registration or verifying the images on the registration. This should not be an issue but it seems that some questions still come up. I am going to do something I figured I would never do but if we are going to stop infringement and the attorneys who promote it by trying to find ways around it we have to all pitch in. Do your part and REGISTER your best work.

I have said many times that I code my cameras when I go to shoot. Well I also code the images once that have been shot. This does not apply to everyone but it does apply to many of the more exposed images. I am talking about the exposure to infringing not the quality of the image. It is a simple process, quick and yet very effective. I use symbols, my initials and faces in the images as part of the system. It requires a little work but not much. I use Dlg with a special font transparent back ground and put it in area that I can color match pretty close. You cannot match perfectly as you would not be able to see it. The key is to have it there without anyone being able to see it easily. It normally takes a magnification of 400% to be able to see it. I have a system to locate the mark. As I said not all images have them. That is also part of the system. They cannot be sure if the image has one or not. I can show the encoding in a court setting.

Some of the images in the slideshow will show what I am talking about. Hope this helps you to figure out how to protect your work. Figure out your own system and then do not tell anyone what it is. I have shown part of mine but not all of it.

As I have said many times it is about protecting the work. The questions keep coming about why I do not push the money side of the issue. Well, in fact, I have never said do not collect money for your work or to sue for large sums of money. I have said, you cannot do this for the money and you cannot try to use the courts for an income stream in my opinion. I hope that clears it up. You do fight for your copyrights to protect the work. You sue people who refuse to honor those rights and your right to a fair fee for that usage. You sue people for all the damages that you are allowed.

What is my position on the damages for DMCA and copyright violations? They are way too low. Yes I said too low. If they were too high we would not have violations. People do not care because the fines and damages for most of the infringing are too low by thousands of dollars. I do not care about the person claiming they did not know. That is a load in the new environment. It is everywhere. If they do not get it, they should be sued. They should be held accountable for all the court costs and attorney fees with enhanced damages. You would see a major reduction of infringement in a hurry.

If that does not work then it is time for the more severe arena of criminal charges even against private individuals if necessary. How do you prosecute a business for copyright felony charges you ask? There are people who run the company who might like to know that also. That is a last resort and we will discuss that at a later date.

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