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How to protect your garden and extend the growing season from the cold weather

How to protect your plants from the cold
How to protect your plants from the cold
Raised Beds

It’s that time of year again, time to think about the cold setting in and preparing your garden for the reality of fall and winter. If you have any type of plants, vegetables or garden it’s best to try and extend your growing season and protect your plants. By using some type of plant protector or cover to keep out the cold, frost, and even the extra hot days during the late summer and early fall this will extend the life of your garden.

Whether you have a raised bed garden, a vegetable garden, flowers, bushes or trees, there are several ways to minimize damage the cold and frost can do to your plants.

No matter where you live there can be an early frost and the cold may set in before you are ready to stop gardening. In cases like this it’s best to find the best protection for your plants such as covering them with a lightweight garden fabric or a make shift greenhouse.

Check with your local garden center for the best options or check out some of the ideas below:

Raised Bed Greenhouse/Cold Frame – If you have a raised bed garden the cold frame makes it easier to extend your growing season in the fall. It also will allow you to start your plants sooner in the springtime. You will also find that it makes a great protection against bugs, rodents and pests. It’s easy to set up and take down and inexpensive.

All-Purpose Garden Fabric – This type of fabric will typically protect plants up to 28 degrees F. It can also be used as a summertime pest control item. Extra 10% Off Everything in September At With Code SHARE10

TunLcover Superior plant and row protector - This will keep the temperature up to 25 degrees warmer than the outside air. Allowing the sun and warmth to get in and the cold to stay out, preventing any damage to plants. It’s great for garden rows and extending the life of your plants in the fall.

Floating Row Cover – Will allow you to extend your crops growing season and produce a faster growth to crops. The cover collects heat during the day and releases it at night to keep your plants warm. Can be used in the spring and fall season and trimmed to size for any garden.

Wall of Water – Just fill the tubes of plant protectors with water and you can easily plant earlier or harvest later by adding up to 8 weeks to your growing season. They provide additional heat for your plants and can be reused.

Cold Frame – A cold frame is similar to a greenhouse as it can be used to start seedlings in the spring or protect plants in the fall. Grow stations are another option to utilize in small spaces and cold weather.

Plant protectors and covers – There are a variety of plant protectors and covers for all types of gardens and plants available. When looking for something be sure it suits your location and find out what temperature it will protect up to.

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