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How to Protect Your Facebook Account from Hackers

Facebook is the largest social network that exists today and it is the most visited website on the internet after Google. However, this also means that Facebook is the target of many hackers who steal accounts of users and then use their data for various illegal purposes. The media is constantly flooded with reports of Facebook accounts being hacked because of the large number of users of the social network. I am a social media expert for last 5 years and I know for a fact that no one wants their social networking account, whether Facebook, Twitter or any other account, to be hacked and used for any reason. I would like to share some tips that should be taken for keeping the Facebook account protected:

A strong password should be used

One of the gravest mistakes made by people is that they are predictable when choosing passwords for their Facebook account. They opt for passwords that they can remember easily, but this actually makes their account vulnerable to hackers. People should keep in mind that they are the key to accessing your Facebook castle and you don't want to choose something that can be guessed easily. Use letters, numbers and special characters in the password and also change it frequently. Also activate login notifications on your Facebook account so you'll be immediately notified if your account has been accessed.

Don't let your browser remember the password

Another error on the part of people is that they allow their browser to remember the password they have entered. If you allow your browser to remember the password, you are simply making things easier for the hackers and your account may be compromised. Even though it makes it easier for you to sign in, don't opt for the remember password option.

Watch what you open and where you go

Devious methods have been mastered by cybercriminals for stealing passwords; they simply ask you to give them. This method has been named phishing and it is effective because it is extremely easy to make any webpage appear reputable and official. It only takes a couple of minutes to replicate the Facebook login page and steal the password. Therefore, users need to exercise caution and check the URL before they enter their passwords. Don't click on random links that have been posted on your newsfeed as they are most likely attempts to steal your password.

Keep your system software and internet security updated

You want to deter hackers and not invite them. Don't let them use any Facebook hacking tool for getting into your account. You need to keep the security of your PC tight at all times. Run health checks on your computer frequently to ensure that there aren't any holes in your security system. Set up notifications for update of your antivirus software. This will prevent viruses like Trojans from being downloaded into your PC and stealing the data. Security mistakes can be avoided when the system is updated on a regular basis.

As long as these steps are taken by individuals, they will be able to keep their Facebook accounts completely secure.

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