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How to print free patterns from any website or blog

Print free crochet knitting quilting sewing and craft patterns
Print free crochet knitting quilting sewing and craft patterns

Have you ever found a pattern on your favorite blog or website and couldn’t figure out how to print it? The writer may have not converted the pattern into a printable format such as a PDF file so when you try to print it on your printer it prints the ads and everything else you don’t want.

If you have found a crochet, knitting, quilting, sewing, or any other type of craft pattern you can easily print them in text format, PDF or email them to yourself or someone else to print by using the Print Friendly buttons or site.

The site allows you to add a Print Friendly button to your browser, get a button for your Website or blog so others can print your patterns, or simply paste the link you want to print right on the Print Friendly site.

The buttons are available for Google chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, iPad, iPhones as well as many other applications where they can be added in order to print or view a pattern or site more easily. Plus they have an online support system that will answer your questions on how to place buttons on your browser or site if you don’t know how.

There are so many wonderful crochet and knitting patterns available for free on the Internet and sometimes you just want to print one out and take it with you or be able to view it easier on your tablet or phone. The Print Friendly site allows you to do this.

Print Friendly is not just a site for people setting up their blogs or websites but a tool everyone can use to print something they need from patterns to recipes and everything in between.

For more information or to try the print friendly button read more on my blog located here.

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