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How to prevent bed sores

What is a bed sore and how does it form?

A bed sore is also called a pressure sore. Pressure sores occur when a person sits or lays in the same position for too long of periods causing a sore.

When a person is healthy and has mobility he/she repositions their self when ever their body senses that there is too much pressure on a particular body part (butt, side, back, knee, elbow, etc.).

When a person is sick or unable to move for some reason such as old age, over-weight, illness, sedated with medication or coma the pressure builds up in certain areas and blood flow stops, the area reddens and over-time the skin breaks down making an open sore.

How can you prevent getting bed sores?

If you are taking care of a person who has limited mobility you need to help the person change positions every two hours.

If they are lying in bed turn them from one side to the other or onto their back.

If they are in a chair move them to the bed or try to reposition in the chair but this is really hard and their buttock can get pressure sores very easily if left in a chair for long periods of time.

The main thing to remember is to re-position the person every two hours to help them from getting bed sores.

What is the treatment for bed sores?

After a bed sore has formed keep pressure off of the area and continue to re-position the person. Seek medical help immediately depending on the physician he/she will prescribe some sort of soothing ointment that heals the torn skin, if left untreated the person could die.

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