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How To Prevent Backache from Steam Mops?

Have you been using old model mops with buckets for floor cleaning and experiencing severe backaches? I recently came across steam mops that serve similar purpose with more comfort and efficient cleaning of the floors.

People are always used to these old traditional mops and they have to bend to immerse the mop in the water bucket, rinse the mop and clean the floor. It increase not only backache but also hand infection which is not visible to the naked eye. So it is advisable to use Steam mops which are versatile in nature. I went through several Steam Mop Reviews online and then choose the best one in the market.

What exactly is a Steam Mop?

A steam mop is a mop that uses steam to clean floors and carpets. Unlike a regular mop, which requires cleaning agents such as bleach or detergent, a steam mop uses heat from steam to disinfect the floors. A microfibre pad is often placed right underneath the steam jet to trap dirt. Most steam mops have a small water tank, and often provide dry steam.


Without investing in a good steam mop you can not get rid of these issues with cleaning the floor and health hazards. Moreover these mops are used not only to clean floors but also tiles, hardwoods, laminate, linoleum, etc.

Fast Drying Time

Steam mops have faster drying time. This is very much helpful in the houses having aged people and small kids who tend to skid on the wet floors easily. If they fell on these floors then they can attract knee joint pains, spinal cord issues as well which are highly risky in nature.


All you need to do is fill the mop space with water, turn the power on and just wait for the device to produce steam. Scrubbing is not necessary at all and all we have to do is just glide the appliance on the floor so that it gets the dirt out easily.
We can also add the disinfecting solution to the water while filling the mop tank and then the unit power can be turned on.

All it takes is just few minutes of time indicated by a green light. Mop comes with various attachments. You can choose either of them depending on the floor to be cleaned.

Easy Moving

It is also very easy to move the device. As the total weight not exceeds 15 pounds. Generally it comes with 30 feet long power cord which is quite enough to reach any area of our houses from the given power source.

Some of the steam mops feature a two-sided, flip mop head that allows you to clean twice as much floor before changing the mop pad. One pad is soft for use on delicate flooring such as hardwoods and laminates. The other pad has built-in scrubbing strips that facilitate cleaning tough messes.

The process of cleaning using the unit is easy. You won’t smell like chemicals after you are done and you are going to be impressed with what you have done.

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