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How to prepare for coming major earth changes: Landslide warning signs

Landslide on highway near Pittsburgh: Example of issues in area with steep slopes
Landslide on highway near Pittsburgh: Example of issues in area with steep slopes
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

If you live in a landslide prone area, are you aware of warning signs that scream "this land is moving and ready to slide"? (By the way, did you know that landslides and mudslides can happen in any of the 50 states?)

Landslides, like sinkholes, quake swarms, and flash floods are now part of the "new normal" for Planet Earth. As the earth wobble created by Planet X (Nibiru) in the neighborhood intensifies, expect to experience a lot more of these events. Be prepared.

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Theoretically, a landslide can occur anywhere there is elevated terrain: however, some areas of the United States are more prone to landslides than others, like Pennsylvania with its Appalachian, Pocono and Allegheny Mountains. In fact, the Appalachian Mountains have severe landslide problems, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS).

There are different types of slides: slow and fast moving.

In Baldwin, Pennsylvania around 5 a.m. in January of this year, the ground began sliding near the rear parking lot of the Baldwin Independent Fire Company. In just a few hours, nearly 12 feet of the parking lot had slipped away, with mud, trees, and debris toppling headstones in the Saint Josaphat Cemetery as well. A major concern was a nearby gas main.

Landslides and mudslides can be made up of debris ranging from large rocks to muddy soil. Mudslides are caused by excessive rainfall and steep terrain, where water creates so much pressure that the dirt slips. The type of slide that presents the greatest risk to human life is a flash mudslide, like the one in Washington State.

Slides can also be the result of human interference, like ground breaches near a ledge to build a house with a beautiful view. People who live in coastal, mountainous areas should watch for signs like curved trees and cracks in the ground or the foundation of their homes, especially in an area that recently experienced a slide.

Landslide precursors

  • Changes in your landscape, land movement, small slides, flows, and progressively leaning trees
  • Doors or windows that stick or jam for the first time
  • New cracks that appear in plaster, tile, brick or foundations
  • Outside walls, walks, or stairs that begin to pull away from the building
  • Slowly developing, widening cracks that appear in the ground, streets, or driveways
  • Underground utility lines breaks.
  • Bulging ground at the base of a slope
  • Water breaking through ground surface in new locations
  • Fences, retaining walls, utility poles, or trees tilt or move

What should you do if there is a landslide or debris flow in your area?

If you see cracks in the ground, you should be prepared to evacuate. Plan at least two evacuation routes as roads may become blocked or closed and develop an emergency communication plan, in case you are separated from loved ones during the slide.

If you hear a faint rumbling sound that increases in volume as the landslide nears or if the ground slopes downward in one specific direction and begins shifting in that direction under your feet, run for you life. Move quickly away from the path of the landslide or debris flow, if possible. If escape is not possible, curl up into a tight ball and protect your head.

When the landslide ends, don't return to the slide area, as there is always danger of additional slides. Look for dangers associated with the slide such as broken electrical, water, gas, and sewage lines and damaged roadways and railways.

Planet X (Nibiru) exists and is transiting our solar system, as pictures of the "second sun" attest. Earth's tectonic plates are being stretched to their limits and beyond. The closer Planet X (Nibiru) gets, the more powerful the earth wobble becomes, and the more landslides, sinkholes, collapsing buildings, exploding refineries and gas and water main breaks should be expected.

Be prepared for more catastrophes of this type and worse, as "new normal" events created daily by Planet X (Nibiru) intensify and increase in number.

Advance warning provides an advantage. Forewarned is forearmed!

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