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How to Prepare for A Snowy Night on the Town

Winter ready and fabulous
Winter ready and fabulous
Winter fashion 2

Beware ladies– the winter weather is here, bringing its usual, hard-hitting rage onto our beloved winter fashions. With its numbing wind, ice and frost, the sidewalks become a war zone as we struggle to strut elegantly through the slush and muck. This mission to protect our beautiful garbs can be a taxing battle– a fight between practicality and fashion. Nevertheless, our instinct for glamor must prevail. The Weather does not have to stop a fashion-wise woman from rocking her favorite trends.

Here are some ways to keep your garbs looking fresh and fabulous through the winter.

Protect your Boots

From hailstorms to salty sidewalks, your winter wear is constantly at risk! The ideal solution is to wear water-proof rain boots, which can be worn outdoors and then switched for heels when you arrive at your location. Unfortunately, this never fully satisfies our urge to look stylish wherever we go. So, if you can’t bear to part with your latest pair of Micheal Kors knee-high boots, have no fear! There are ways to wear your winter luxuries outdoors while protecting its material and shape.

The first rule of boot care is to avoid puddles at all costs. Suede boots are particularly vulnerable due to its raised finish, which absorb liquids easily. When liquids seep into suede, they cause it to discolor and loose shape. So, you must stay wary of your surroundings– don’t let those charming display windows steal your focus as you walk along!

You are also at risk of ruining your boots when stepping off curbs. There are often muddy street puddles awaiting you, ready to splash over your precious boots. What we really need is a revival of the good ol’ days when men covered puddles for us with their jackets… In today’s world, we are lucky if our man at least warns us about the puddle ahead! So, ladies, please watch out.


If you follow the precautions, your boots should stay safe. But, if your surroundings manage to get the best of your footwear, you need to take action. Fortunately, there are many reliable products that can help.

Leather & Suede

Mud and water is everywhere, causing stains that can be tricky to remove from boots. To protect your boots, choose a spray with a strong water-resistant formula. This solution creates a barrier that resists moisture, allowing your leather and suede to maintain their texture and color. The TLC leather and suede protecting spray is a valuable investment for your boots. You can preserve the quality of your boots, and feel proud to strut down those icy streets.

Salt Stains

Winter sidewalks also pose another challenging element: salt– the city’s noble attempt at keeping us from slipping, but also our permanent foe. Despite the salt’s valiant protection against slips and falls, they are terribly unforgiving to our shoes. One false step can leave awful white stains all over your leather or suede, taking away the crisp look of your footwear. If you fall victim to the salt’s wrath, there is still a way to salvage your shoes.

Salt stain remover is the best option for treating stains. The salt stain remover by Moneysworth is highly recommended for providing the best results. Yet, while this product does decrease the stain’s visibility, your boots may have slight discoloration, especially if you’re treating beige or chestnut suede. Also, salt stains can alter the texture of your suede in the spot where the stain was removed, leaving a rough patch. So while salt stain remover helps substantially, it is nearly impossible to completely recover your boots. It is best to avoid patches of snow entirely as this prevents salt granules from grazing your shoes.


Every fashion-wise woman knows that investing in a quality jacket creates a lasting impression. So, whether you’re arriving at the office or entering your favorite lounge, a trendy and reliable jacket helps complete your look. For this reason, it’s vital for women to keep their jackets in impeccable condition during the winter months.

Every woman should also carry an umbrella to shield herself from rain and snowfall. A wide-set umbrella is ideal as this provides ultimate protection. It is also important to keep your distance from splashing cars. This may save you from a long and arduous cleaning process at home.

Finally, try to avoid filthy surfaces. Bus stops, for instance, are a danger zone for winter jackets. When we wait for the bus, laziness often ensues, tempting us to lean on the walls within the bus shelter. The unruly weather can leave dirty residue on the wall’s surface, which can stain your jacket. For this reason, you must try to avoid leaning on public surfaces.

If your jacket is leather or suede, you would use the same protecting spray as the TLC product suggested for boots. Just make sure you purchase a larger bottle as jackets need more product. However, if your jacket is made from a cotton blend, you can rely on other classic removal strategies.

Cotton & Polyester

First, you should let the stain dry before placing your jacket in the laundry. You may sponge the stain with rubbing alcohol for extra treatment and follow by flushing with water. If the stain does not fade, sponge it with a dry-cleaning solvent such as K2r Spot Lifter or Afta Cleaning Fluid. When this process is complete, you may place your jacket in the washing machine.


If you stain your pea coat, you are likely treating wool. In this case, you would use aerosol carpet shampoo. When the shampoo dries, you may use a vacuum to lift any excess dirt. Then, depending on the instructions, you can wash your pea coat in the washing machine or send it to the nearest dry-cleaners.


As Coco Chanel once said, “a women should be two things: classy and fabulous.” This means that a fashionable woman treats her garments with care, ensuring she looks vogue before walking out the door. One accessory that is often neglected is the handbag. Maintaining a well-conditioned handbag is essential to creating a polished and complete look.

You should also never leave your purse on the floor whether you’re traveling by bus or car. You should always try to rest your purse on your lap. The floors on both buses and cars are filthy, covered with the melted snow and mud, which is transferred from our shoes. However, if you’re driving, you should leave your purse in the passenger seat or over the center console.

Canvas and Satin

In the scenario that your purse becomes stained, and the material is leather, you will use the same product that treats both boots and jackets. However, if the material is canvas, you should use an effective cleaning agent such as stain remover by Oxi Clean or Mr. Clean. You must then dab the area with a washcloth or sponge and let dry. This process can also be used on materials such polyester blends and satin.

Winter wear care is about more than just keeping your garments clean– it’s about protecting fashion. There’s nothing like the crispness of new suede boots, the sleekness of a shiny leather jacket and the prestige of a seamless handbag. These luxuries should be nurtured and cherished through the harsh winter conditions. By following these must-have tips and tricks, you will be locked and loaded for winter weather, and ready to enjoy looking trendy and vibrant!

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