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How to prepare a rare coin for market

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"Used with permission by PCGS, Professional Coin Grading Service and"

You built your coin collection and you should reap the profits. You will learn how to take potentially valuable raw coins and have them graded and encapsulated.

1792 Silver Center Cent
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Private property rights are fundamental to our Capitalist system.

Nobody likes when their property is expropriated. Coin collectors need to be watchful for people who handle their coins.

Handing valuable coins to an unethical person could be the most costly mistake you make.

Buy a coin microscope with a USB connection to save images of your potentially valuable coins. Upon finding rare or valuable coins most people obtain the opinion of a knowledgeable coin dealer. You can save the cost of a coin microscope by taking images with your Smartphone, along with an inexpensive microscope attachment for your phone that you can buy on Amazon or Wizard Coin Supply.

Coin microscopes have proven to be an asset to a coin collector.

Today you can send images to many people from your home computer without relinquishing control of the handling of the physical property, your coins. There are coin forums which allow its members to upload images, so that other coin collectors can give their opinion on a coin.

The best opinion you can obtain about your coins is from a coin dealer from the Professional Numismatist Guild PNG, a Trusted PCGS Professional Coin Grading Service or a Trusted NGC Numismatic Guarantee Corporation coin dealer.

There are many local knowledgeable ethical coin dealers too.

Send by email a description of the coin the way you see it. If you think the coin is a Proof, state that in the email along with the coin images from your microscope. If you think the coin is a Matte Proof, state it in the email with the images. The Professional coin dealer will give you their opinion.

You can purchase SaFFlip Double-pocket Mylar coin flips and carefully place the coin in it, then put a label on the coin flip. You can buy coin Mylar flips at PCGS's Store or Wizard Coin Supply's website.

After the verification process is complete there are certain approaches to take in having your coins graded and encapsulated by a coin grading company.

PNG dealers have coin submission privileges as well as numerous Trusted PCGS and NGC Coin dealers. The way it works is you pay the coin grading fee to the trusted dealer they fill out the submission form, then you take the form and the coin; send it through the USPS insured for grading and encapsulation.

Alternatively, you can join PCGS’s Collectors Club or NGC’s Collectors Society. After becoming a member you must fill out the submission form accurately, determine a value and provide a payment method. Decide whether you want the coin encapsulated by PCGS's Secure Plus service.

The Secure Plus service scans the coin and maintains the coin image while placing the coin in a tamper evident holder.

Make certain that you follow packaging instructions on PCGS or NGC website. Now all it takes is insuring the coin and ship it to the respective company chosen.

A graded coin provides for a better determination of value for your coins, since coin grading has made our industry a more efficient market.

Grading and encapsulating your coins protects them from any further circulation wear.

The accuracy in completing the submission form is crucial, since coin grading companies look at thousands of coins a day. This is the reason it’s best to have your coin or coins identified by trusted dealers who have coin submission privileges.

PCGScoinfacts has a 10 day free trial offer. A comprehensive US coins database of images, market prices, recent auction prices realized and graded coin population counts.

The dynamics of coin auctions provides for a catalyst of competitive bidders thereby providing the assurance your coins sell for the highest amount.

Consider consigning your rare coins to the auction companies that have extensive customer lists such as Stack Bowers, Heritage Auctions or GreatCollections.

Ebay reaches numerous buyers as well.

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