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How to Poo on a Date: The unusual book making a splash on Amazon

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The new book How to Poo on a Date just might be one of the strangest titles of the year. Believe it or not it is a top selling book available in paperback or Kindle edition on Amazon. It tackles one of the taboos of dating and what to do when the need to poo arises.

The manual for handling the call of nature during romantic excursions even won votes at the 36th annual Diagram Prize.

How to Poo on a Date is touted as the Lover’s guide to toilet etiquette. Written by Matt & Enzo it received 30 percent of the Diagram prize vote in an online ballot according to a statement by The Bookseller, which is a British trade magazine.

The book is not an instruction manual according to the authors but a practical guide to confronting every possible problem when going on a date. The book has diagrams and information on exactly what to do in a variety of practical, real-life situations.

If you are out walking in the woods when nature calls, you clogged the toilet in her apartment on your first date, or you just plain don’t want to leave the smell of your dinner behind, this book has all the instructions you need on what to do.

The authors acknowledge that women are much more advanced when it comes to this situation then men are. After 5 years of research on the book you may hope that the two have come up with game-changing advice, but don’t hold your breath.

Although reading through the book you may come up with new and interesting ideas on how to cover up your odors or excuse yourself while on a date in order to continue on the rest of the evening and maybe go on a second date.

This might just be a good book to read if you always have this problem when going out on a date or even just having to go when the nerves hit. It also makes a great gift or just something fun to read.

You can find How to Poo on a Date on Amazon along with the other titles by the authors called How to Poo on Holiday, How to Bonk at Work and How to Bonk in Public. These are unique titles and can be helpful and interesting reads for the right person.

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