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How to Play Sudoku Online?

Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images

Today, with the invention of the computer and internet technology, a lot of games which were published in the newspapers and the magazines and were very popular with the people, have got a place on the internet and the PC games. Sudoku, a Japanese number game, is one of them. It is very popular with the people all around the world. It is a puzzle game which exercises your mind completely.

This popular puzzle game is available on computer and internet in a lot of formats, such as from the pen and the paper, board games to some great PC games and online game which is also available to the players for download. Although, the purists love the old pen and paper version of the game, most of the people today love the PC and online games. This is because the online version of the game is available with some interesting graphical representations and visually compelling feature with the incorporation of the fun and benefits of the classic puzzle. The number people who play Sudoku online are increasing all over the world every day.

The PC download of the Sudoku is available online with various themes and variations. Some of them also have the additional features such as the background story which has a treasure hunt or a quest. So, the Sudoku which is online is not just a basic numerical riddle which you need to solve, but it is a puzzle, which has hidden codes or the symbols, which a player need to solve for uncovering the clues.

For example, there is a variation of the Sudoku game which is known as the Ancient Sudoku. This game has a tribal theme and it uses the numbers in the puzzle as well as the colored gems. Due to this embellishment, the game of Sudoku has become visually more appealing and provides a new twist to the classic Sudoku.

The popularity of the Sudoku among the people is due to many reasons. The game is exercise for any person’s deduction skills and the logic skills. The quality of the deduction skill is needed for the elimination of each possible variable in the every cell of the grid. The size of the grid is 9 times 9. Today, the Sudoku grid can use different symbols, different shapes or can be bigger. All the Sudoku puzzles have some cells which are pre-filled with the numbers to get you started when you play Sudoku online. The difficulty of the puzzle depends upon the numbers of the cells which are pre-filled before the start of the game. There are 4 levels of the difficulty in Sudoku game which are known as the easy, medium, hard and the last is difficult.

There are many websites online today, where you can get to play free puzzle games including Sudoku, print them and solve them on a paper on one by one basis. But, there are some websites where you can play Sudoku online with the other players. Yet, other websites allow you to download the game on free basis. Here, you can get thousands of Sudoku puzzles in one program. After the installation of the free program, you can choose a new game and the level of difficulty, from easy to difficult as per your mood.

While playing Sudoku online, if you are encountering any difficulty, the software also provides you some hints. If you are stuck in any game, you can also get the complete solution. The people, who love this game, always install the game on their PC or they open their favorite game website on the PC at the leisure time.

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