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How to play better pool in Garland

Quarter Slot Pool Table at Scooters
Quarter Slot Pool Table at Scooters
Miranda Wright

                        After scouting out the town we have learned the city of Garland  has eight pool halls, most of them well known within the streets of these neighborhoods. While a few remain exotic and estranged except to those that frequent often. Understanding the need for the game we have compiled below a list of all the locations and a little bit of information to help improve how we play. Enjoy!

-Quoted Directly from

"Step 1
Develop a consistent, smooth cue shot. Place your forward hand on the table so that it is as stable as possible. The cue stick needs to slide smoothly through this hand.

Step 2
Use your cue stick as a sight by placing the tip of the cue stick in the target pocket. Align the stick across the middle of the ball you intend to sink. The stick now traces a line through the ball to the pocket. Where this line (your stick) crosses the outer edge of the ball is the point where you want to hit it with the cue ball.

Step 3
After you are in position and have lined up the shot, don't look at the target ball, look at the cue ball. Strike the cue ball with your stick slightly below the center line.

Step 4
Keep your shooting arm close to your body and your elbow bent at 90 degrees. The shooting movement should come from your shoulder. Use only enough force to make the shot. Additional power is not necessary and can disrupt your aim."

Scooters Restaurant
1401 Northwest Hwy Ste 121, Garland, TX
(972) 864-1063
They have a full service kitchen and are open seven days a week.
Karaoke every night except Monday, live DJ's Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday.

Eddie Sports Bar & Grill
142 E Centerville Rd, Garland, TX
(972) 271-5890
Offering cheap drink specials and awesome happy hour specials.
Monday night is Poker night, Wednesday night is Karaoke, and Friday night they have a live DJ.They have one pool table!

Bestdays Bar
2121 NW Highway, Garland, TX
Happy Hour daily until 8pm.
Tuesday nights is pool league.
Karaoke with live DJ Wednesday through Saturday. Open seven days a week.

Lone Star Legends
1146 Beltline RD, Garland, TX
Three full service bars, full service kitchen, three cinema screens where they play sports and special events, pool tables, and two banquet halls open for rental, with the whole venue fitting a max of 1,500 people.
Pool league nights.....

AMF Bowling
1950 Marketplace Dr. Garland, TX
Serving both food and alcohol AMF is a great place for family events and parties, group and corporate events, and bowling, birthday parties and pool.
Open Mon-Thurs till midnight and Fri-Sun till 2 am.

 Billiards Tu DO · Vietnamese Pool
(972) 276-1847
4403 W Walnut St, Garland TX

Billares De Los Amigos · When we entered the Examiner was the only female.
  (972) 926-8010
3110 Saturn Rd, Garland TX

L V Billards · commonly known as Slicks
(972) 675-1147
2921 Belt Line Rd, Garland TX


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