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How to perfect your own skin type

Skin care for each skin type
Skin care for each skin type
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You’re headed to the spa for your spa day. You’re spending time there for relaxation and fun, eh? That’s all fine and dandy but if the treatment is only a-feel-good kind of treatment, then what’s the point, really? No, really, what’s the point? The “for your pleasure and enjoyment only” saying shall remain for the condom commercials only so leave it out of your thoughts when searching for treatments, and work on receiving effective treatments. It’s a bonus to feel great when receiving a treatment, but to actually incorporate an effective treatment should be your ultimate goal.

When deciding on which facial(s) to get for your skin type just choose the right one, and your aesthetician can actually assist you with that dilemma. Pampering is great, but if what you’ve chosen doesn’t actually affect change then what is that? A waste of time is what it is. Good thing we have aestheticians to properly analyze the skin prior to the facial, so that stops the issue of not receiving the correct facial for your skin type.

Any facial is relaxing and will actually diminish all of that built-up stress that you’re carrying around (whether you’re aware of the stress or not), but the skin type should really be kept in mind when selecting a facial. After all, does it make any sense to receive a facial focused for oily skin types when you have dry skin? Of course not! Thankfully you aren’t in this alone, and can have an aesthetician to do this job for you- but let’s at least look at some options for certain skin types.

Combination skin:
The forehead, nose, and chin are oily so they tend to break out, while the temples, eye area, and cheeks are dry. A good note to remember is you also fall into the combination category if your skin changes with the seasons or climates.

Dry and sensitive skin:
Does your skin flush easily? Does it have red patches and/or eczema? Does your skin often feel rough or tight or dry in the afternoon or evening, even a couple of hours after applying moisturizer? Then it’s dry. And products become a bigger issue than they have to be, so sometimes products like sunblocks or cosmetics sting or cause redness to the skin.

This is when your face feels and looks moist and shiny (especially during midday), and you tend to have clogged pores, while your skin is prone to having both, noninflammatory acne (blackheads and whiteheads) and inflammatory acne (your pimple and cystic zit family) that can spread all over your face.

A balanced skin you have. A well-balanced skin is what you have. Normal skin means the skin is smooth and radiant because it reflects light evenly. This should be repeated, skin that reflects light evenly is the reason behind having normal skin. A deeper look into well-balanced skin is that the complexion of the skin is balanced- meaning it’s not too oily or dry, and you rarely have breakouts. Can you try many different kinds of products without having a reaction, or don’t experience any changes in your skin throughout the day- then you have normal skin.

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