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How to pair wine and Oscar nominees

You don;t have to be an A-Lister to party March 2
You don;t have to be an A-Lister to party March 2
Julia Hollister

Have you’ve been waiting for that Oscar invitation for weeks and the mail carrier is avoiding those desperate stares?

You can still party like an A-Lister for little cash and a dash of wine panache.

First select the A-guest list of your movie buff buds and give each sample ballot.

Wine presentation is very important so scour the local stores for wine chillers or just cover a small bucket with foil. Make your Barefoot Bubbly moscato trio the centerpiece for the party. Add an element of surprise and ask each guest to bring a wine that typifies those nine in the “Best Picture” category. For example, a brandy would illustrate the excess of “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

Barefoot Bubbly Moscato Spumante champagne with active bubbles and apricot, peach and tangerine flavors is a contender. Pink Moscato champagne showcases apple and peach notes in addition to candied cherries, is the sweeter of the two. The sweetest typifies nominee, “Her.

Another sparkler – Red Moscato Champagne – with energetic bubbles and raspberry and orange blossom aromas has the bounce of the nominee “American Hustle.” This is another sweet selection, complimented by dark cherry flavors and a juicy finish. Enjoy this chilled with an antipasto and blackberries.

Use your imagination when pairing wine with “12 Years a Slave” and “Philomena.” Both are heavy and moving as an aged cabernet.

Pairing a wine with another best picture nominee, “Captain Phillips” could be dangerous. But, a courageous zinfandel can handle the onscreen drama.

Try a chilled white zinfandel with “Nebraska.”

“Gravity” and “Dallas Buyers Club” are two pictures filled with challenge and obstacles. A layered chardonnay will defy gravity and pour a earthy pinot noir with the latter.

And the envelope please…

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