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How to pack when traveling abroad

Traveling abroad can be exciting as well as overwhelming and the last thing you want to do is forget something. Yes, whatever you forget you can buy in the airport or at the hotel, but who wants to pay those high prices? Not me. Being proactive will save you time and money. So let’s get started....

Prior to purchasing any type of backpack, do your research first. Is there a laptop compartment, do you have enough space for your other electronic devices? Once you have made your selection, make sure it is comfortable?

Provided below are a list of items that are imperative during international travel. Double check with the Transportation Security Administration ( for travel carryon requirements.


A stainless steel water bottle, blender bottle, and lunch container with utensils are great starters when moving abroad. The following foods should be packed into the lunch container so you will have enough food to last you a few days until you get settled in the country; ginger root for tea (good for stomach aches), protein smoothie packets, oatmeal, popcorn, nutritional yeast, bouillion cubes, granola bars, nuts, and numerous condiments (i.e. ketchup, mustard, sugar, peanut butter, jelly, etc.). Tip#1: Fill up the empty water bottles before you leave the airport. Tip#2: Check a small pocket knife to cut apples and for your safety.


As mentioned before, refer to the TSA for its carryon requirements (i.e. all liquids must be less than 3 oz.) before you start buying items. Soap, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, kleenex, body powder, two to three different types of trial size deodorants because your preferred deodorant may not work as well in the new climate. Vaseline, mouthwash, toothpaste, toothbrush, dental floss, body puff, detergent, and hooks to hang your washcloth and/or body puff.

First Aid

The worst feeling in the world is being sick or injured in another country. Think about it, when you are sick or injured, do you feel like looking for a pharmacy? And once you find a pharmacy, some medications may be in a different language, which you do not have the energy for such an adventure. So what do you do? You prepare for the unforeseen circumstances as much as possible. Pack the following; airborne medicines, flip flops (to wear until you can physically clean your tub), inspect repellent, first aid kit with sprained ankle bandages, flushable wipes, poncho, stay cool bandana (put in freezer for one hour, then wrap around head), toe warmers, hydrated liquid packets, antibacterial wipes, contact solution w/ case (extra contacts) inspect bite pin, kelp iodine pills, and sunscreen.

Extra set of clothing

When traveling internationally, it is wise to pack an extra hand towel, wash cloth, t-shirt, undergarments, socks, and blanket. Think about it, your flight is already 10+ hours and what if the connecting flight or luggage is delayed, a fresh set of clothes will be refreshing.

While on the plane

Did you think about what you are going to do for the next 10+ hours? Have these items at arms reach; Book, magazines, cards, mints, gum, apples, toothpicks, antibacterial gel, moist wipes, nail clippers, tweezers, headphones, solar charger flashlight to charge electronics, watch (so you can adjust to the new time zone), kleenex, notebook with pen.

Now you are fully equipped to travel abroad. For your convenience, checkout the A4G, LLC’s International store and/or our Pinterest for items. Happy travels :)

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