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How to organize your kid's backpack and school supplies

A backpack can be a great organization tool for your child’s school supplies, but without periodic purging and rearranging it can quickly turn into a jumbled mess. Take a look the following tips for restoring your kid’s backpack to a sense of order.

Keep Loose Items in a Pencil Case
If you catch your child rummaging around the bottom of their backpack to find a pencil or a sharpener, you know that you need to empty that backpack and start from scratch. All smaller items, from pencils, pens, erasers and sharpeners should be kept in a convenient case. This case can be kept in the main section of the backpack or in a side compartment.

Arrange Books According to Height
When books are placed in order of height it makes it easy for your child to find what they are looking for and it just makes the inside of the backpack much more pleasant to look at. Place the tallest books at the back and move toward the front ending with the shortest book. This placement also means the taller books will be flat against the back of the bag which helps to give it balance.

Use Color Tabs for Easy Identification
Color coding your child’s books helps them to be able to reach into their bag for a book without taking forever to find it. It is also great for repacking a bag according to the class schedule for the day.

Use Compartments for Things that are Used Often
Finally, backpacks have sprung a number of compartments in recent times. Make sure your child uses them wisely, storing things that should be close on hand in side or front compartments and keeping books in the main section.

While back to school season is a time to focus on your kids and getting them prepared, you can also encourage your kids to give to other kids their own age. There are many kids in your area that are in need of help with the purchase of school supplies this year. So, when shopping for school supplies let your kids choose a few items to donate to a local charity. In the Cedar Rapids area, Four Oaks is the recipient of the Backpack Giveback campaign. For dates of the campaign and a list of items check out their website,

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