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How to Organize the Wedding on the Budget in UK

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The average amount that young couple has to pay for the wedding in United Kingdom is about £15000. Of course, it may be a little bit over the limit for most people, but if you prepare good and plan well, you can squeeze into £6000 while still keeping the grand style.

1. Choose wedding destination. Keep in mind that there are a lot of alternatives for expensive exclusive venues. Think about churches, synagogues and even your own home or your future spouse’s one – it will surely be cheaper and even more exclusive than luxurious hotel or ball room.

2. Keep everything simple. Moreover, you should make the word “simple” your best friend when it comes to organizing the wedding. The more complicated the event is, the harder are the logistics, and the more you will have to pay for everything. Reduce the stress and cash flow going into the ceremony – keep in simple and stylish.

3. Choose the date carefully. Imagine, what time seems perfect for getting married in UK? From June till August, when British summer is at its peak and the weather is just nice? Orinholidays, likeEasterorChristmas? Ofcourse. But other couples think the same, and you end up fighting for a good venues and photographers, and the prices obviously go higher. Try choosing off the season date – venues will be cheaper, and the roads less crowded.

4. Keep in mind that good stationery will cost you a lot in special stores, but in fact very little people remember how the invitation looked like. Shop for them online and you will literally save a fortune.

5. Opt for morning wedding and lunchtime reception. People surely drink less at lunchtime, so putting a bottle of red and white, plus bubbly wine on each table will be just enough. Lunchtime reception can be buffets based, as it is much more sociable than just people sitting at the table, and getting up sometimes for little communication.

6. Provide your own music. Be your own DJ at the wedding – research good dancing songs of different style. Bands and orchestras will be a quite expensive pleasure to consider.

7. Don’t forget to figure out the cost of the dress. Keep in mind that you don’t have to buy a gown – consider renting instead. If not, try shopping online, there are many great websites in London and around the country where you czn find numerous classifieds ads.Alternatively,you can go around stores and boutiques and think about wearing something less traditional than a white frock. For those who know how to sew the option is pretty obvious.

8. Involve other people in the preparation. Do you know anyone who can make a cake or flowery decorations? Never turn down such offers – a wedding should be a really family affair, so don’t let your aunts or cousins just come and enjoy the ceremony – make them work for you.

9. Limit your guest list – keep it to your immediate family and closest friends. You can have more people at the reception to include all the people you couldn't invite to the wedding ceremony.

10. Thank people nicely. Lots of them will put time and effort to come to your wedding, and you should thank them with at least some photos that you can shape into postcards. Make sure you write something nice on the back so that people feel special.