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How to order coffee for that special someone on Valentine’s Day

Does your sweetie have a taste for coffee? Does he or she always have a coffee cup in hand? If this is true to your relationship and you know NOTHING about coffee, this article may just help you out this Valentine’s Day.

pictures of coffee
pictures of coffee
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coffee cup
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Read it. Learn it and impress the one you love!

Types of drinks:
Espresso: Strong coffee topped with a thin layer of froth on top. (Froth can be made of milk or cream)
Latte: Contains 3 parts steamed milk to 1 part espresso and has a thin layer of froth on top.
Cappuccino: Made with equal parts espresso and steamed milk and is topped with a thin layer of froth.

Can be ordered using fat free milk
Can be ordered using soy milk
Can be ordered using flavored syrups

Different types of coffee beans:
American roasts: is a medium roasted coffee that gives a mid-range flavor: neither heavy nor light.
Italian and French roasts: are both dark colored coffees that produce a very strong flavor.
European roasts: is a blend of heavy roasted beans with medium roasted beans and gives a flavor a bit stronger than the American roast but not quite as intense as the Italian or French roasts.

Types of coffee:
Regular coffee (contains caffeine)
Decaffeinated or decaf (practically caffeine free)
Half calf (half regular and half decaffeinated)

Cup sizes:
Tall (small)
Grande (medium)
Venti (large)

Two great places to go for coffee in Raleigh, NC: Starbucks and Jubala Coffee

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