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How to order an indexed document from Family Search

Sarah Caroline Couch (1856-1927) death certificate scanned from Family Search
Sarah Caroline Couch (1856-1927) death certificate scanned from Family Search
scanned from digital copy by Family Search

On the website,, the indexed page is only the beginning for a researcher. The family historian must dig deeper and obtain a copy of the digitized document. In this article, the genealogist will learn how to order a free copy of a digitized document. An index does not contain all the information on the original document.

Order a digital copy from an indexed source:

  1. Access the free website,, at home or one of the Family History Centers in your area
  2. Click and complete the “Join For Free” application from the upper right corner
  3. Search – records
  4. Type in the search information such as name, location, and date
  5. Copy the indexed page, information including the film number or GS Film number is necessary to order the image
  6. Search – Wiki
  7. Type “Photo Duplication Services” in the “search by place or topic” box
  8. Select the topic “Photoduplication Services”
  9. The Photoduplication Services page will explain the service provided, PLEASE read the page before making a request
  10. Select the green bar for “Photoduplication Request Form”
  11. Complete the form
  12. In about 4-6 weeks your image will arrive in your email box

After completing the request form for Sarah Caroline Couch (1856-1927), I received the digitized copy of her death certificate. According to family records, her mother’s name is Jane A. Dunham Couch. The index name is Angeline Hempton. The death certificate name is Angeline Hempton. The informant in 1927 is my maternal grandmother, Mrs. W.J. Schuler or Nettie Couch Schuler, the niece of the deceased. Carrie went into the hospital for an appendix and gall stone operation and died of a heart attack. This one document has started the search for other family documents. After searching land records, marriages, death certificates and other family records, the only conclusion at this time, is that Nettie was under stress due to Carrie’s unexpected death on 4 July 1927. Only the complete record will reveal all the information. Only the comparison with other records has led me by analysis to conclude that Angeline Hempton is not the mother of Sarah Caroline Couch. Aunt Carrie’s mother is Jane Angeline Dunham, the same mother for all children of Elisha T. Couch.

An account is necessary to use this free service. Continue to look in all the other areas of the Family Search website from the photograph memories to the Wiki pages and lessons. Consider volunteering with indexing. Someone volunteered so you could have the digital image; give back to the next generation.

Questions or comments, please contact Selma Blackmon.

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