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How to order in a steakhouse

Have your steak personalized at NYY Steak
Have your steak personalized at NYY Steak
NYY Steak

New York's favorite sports team, the NY Yankees, got their own midtown steakhouse last year. NYY Steak opened on 51st Street and quickly became the go-to place for steak lovers looking for a good meal and a game. Just one block from Rockefeller Center, guests can enjoy a fine dining experience with the class and quality that only this world class franchise can provide. The space is rich with New York Yankees history. The 200 seat, three-­story space features a custom made Signature Wall adorned with 86 autographs of legendary Yankee players, framed vintage Yankee contracts and the chance to personalize your meal with your favorite player's number. The restaurant offers a variety of USDA prime dry-aged steaks and over 400 varieties of fine wine. It can get a little overwhelming if all you know about steak is that you like it. We asked the pros at NYY Steak for their tips on how to order steakhouse for the best meal possible.

What are the major differences between the cuts of meat on a steakhouse menu?

Beef cuts on a steakhouse menu mainly vary by the characteristics of the primal cut where the steaks come from. Primal cuts include loin, brisket, rib and short plate. If you are looking for a steak with mild flavor, you would lean towards a filet mignon cut from the loin, but if you want a full flavor steak, you would go for a rib eye from the rib primal cut.

What are the cuts that tend to be the best value in terms of price and quality?

High quality beef is expensive, so talking to your local butcher is the key to finding cuts of beef that are tasty, work well in the recipe you want to make, and offer the best bang for your buck.
Sides: there are traditional sides and updated versions. Is there a side that is signature to a certain cut of meat? Good 'ole classic Garlic Mashed Potatoes always go great with steak.

What is the difference between medium, rare and medium rare?

The differences between rare, medium rare and medium are merely a few degrees, however even slight temperature differences the texture of the meat. How you order your steak is up to personal preference, and the guest is always right!

What is the biggest mistake diners make when ordering?

Guests sometimes visualize steak prepared one way but order a different temperature. Our staff is trained to describe the color and texture of each temperature to ensure the guest's steak is cooked just the way they like it.

Wine or cocktail with a steak? And which wine per cut?

Wine and steak go together like peas and carrots. Cabernet Sauvignon complements heartier cuts of steak while Pinot Noir works well with lighter, earthy cuts and a balanced Bordeaux refreshes the palate between bites of juicy lamb chops.

See the complete NYY Steak menu here. Visit them at 7 West 51st Street
New York, NY 10019, or call for a reservation (646-307-7910).

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