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How to Optimize the Design of a Sign

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The folks at recently published an infographic that helps marketers optimize the design of a sign -- such as a banner, poster, or signpost -- through engaging visuals. Selecting the right typography, composition, and color can help to engage the audience so that your message is conveyed.

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"As graphic designers know, there are multiple variables involved when it comes to designing a sign that’s both recognizable and memorable," according to's blog. "Though many signs may appear simple in design, such as common road signs, fast food restaurant signs, or even signs for supermarkets, there is a formula behind crafting these designs to visually deliver specific information."

When it comes to visuals, it's all about content that catches people's eyes. There's no point to posting a sign that bystanders, customers, employees, visitors, and voters will ignore.

Click on the slideshow to learn more about how you can improve your sign's design. Here's a larger version of's infographic on

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