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How to move forward with your health quicker

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According to researches, developing and maintaining good health requires a lot of time, dedication, and persistence. Good health is not about reaching a phase, but a life journey. There is no destination for good health. It does not matter where you are with your health; there is always something that you improve. In order to have dedication and persistence to move forward with your health, you would need to have internal motivation. The higher your internal motivation level, the higher your dedication and persistent levels will be that will help you move forward with your health. In life, the person that can guarantee you for your health success is you. If you rely on other people to motivate you, then you are taking the risk on your health because they will not always be there to motivate you. For example, when you are by yourself and you have no internal motivation, then who is going to motivate you to stay healthy? And then, you will have a very high chance of failing. In this case, the best internal motivation to help you move forward is for you to find your purpose on why you want to develop and maintain good health. A purpose is a reason why you want good health. The stronger your purpose, the higher your internal motivation will be. To help you find the right purpose for your health, try taking the following action steps: ACTION STEPS 1. Discover the benefits of health. Do your own research on the benefits of health. For example, good health will provide with you the right physical, mental, emotionally, and spiritually energies so you can become productive and successful in whatever you are doing. If you do not know the benefits for good health, then you would not know how to find the right purpose to motivate you to move forward. For example, if you have a purpose that does not require energy from health, then why would you put the time, dedication, and persistence to develop good health? As a human being, you only put the energy and time into things that you know will benefit you personally. 2. Discover your purpose. Why do you need good health for? Why do you need the energy from good health? Write down every signal reason why you want and need good health. For example, do you need the energy from health so you can take care of your children? Do you need the energy so you can stay focus in order to help other people? For example, if you say that you need and want good health so you can take care of your children, then your purpose would be to take care of your children. Or if you do not have children, your purpose for good health might be to accomplish thing quicker and better. 3. After you pick your purpose, ask yourself this question, does your purpose bring you happiness? If something does not bring you happiness, then you would not engage into it, which means you will not take the time and dedication to develop and maintain good health. Whatever your purpose is, list down exactly how your purpose will bring you happiness. Even though something might bring you happiness, but if you do not know exactly how it will bring you happiness, then it will be unlikely to motivate you to move forward. Self-Test: If your purpose does not motivate you to keep on moving forward, then it is the wrong purpose for you, which means you would need to find a different purpose. For example, if you say your purpose for good health is to take care of your family, but your health is not moving forward, then it is the wrong purpose or you truly do not understand how your family can bring you happiness. When you understand and find the right purpose, it should motivate you to always improve your health. Do not give up on finding the right purpose for your health; even if you already failed four or five times, because the benefit that you will get from good health is worth the wait. Not only will you gain the benefits and happiness from good health, but you will be able to fulfill your purpose so much better.

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