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How to memorize scripture

Write your favorite scripture on a cue card
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Meditating on God's word is much more effective when you already have the scriptures memorized.

There are several ways to memorize God's word. The technique outlined below does not require that you focus too much on actually memorizing the scripture. It's a very simple process which allows retention to occur organically, over time. However, since we all learn differently, feel free to alter it in any way necessary.

Things you'll need:
- A Good Study Bible
- Notebook and Pen
- Cue Cards

How to Memorize Scripture for Your Meditation:

1. Decide on the area(s) in your life where you would like to confess God's word.

2. Use the subject guide section of your Study Bible to locate the scriptures related to that area/topic.

3. Write down the full verse(s) in your notebook. Some productivity experts and writers believe that writing actually helps you to better retain information. Compiling a list of all your favorite verses in a notebook will also serve as a handy resource for future reference.

4. Choose the scriptures you would like to use for your meditation from the list you created in the previous step, and rewrite each one in first person on a separate cue card.

For example, Romans 12:1 can be rewritten in first person as follows:

In view of God’s mercy, I offer my body as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is my true and proper worship.

5. Read from the cue cards and speak the verses out loud during your meditation, twice per day.

Repeating the verses out load also helps with retention. According to the Oregon Health & Science University:

When you repeat something out loud, you anchor the concept in two different senses. First, you get the physical sensation in your throat, tongue, and lips when voicing the concept. Second, you hear it. The combined result is synergistic.

Finally, the amount of time it takes to commit the verse(s) to memory will vary by individual. However, once you have them memorized, your time with God will be much more relaxing and enjoyable, as you will now be able to close your eyes, allow God's word to permeate your mind, and ultimately take root in your life.

Do you have a special technique you use to memorize God's word? Feel free to share them below.

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