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How to meet someone at the Hallmark store

Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

A mission impossible or exploration at Hallmark usually begins with a quest to find the aisle that the card you are looking for is in. Did you know you could possibly walk out of there with a card and a phone number?

As you wander through the aisles scoping the headings of cards, be aware of your surroundings. Be just as observant as Sherlock Holmes, and lady luck might just smile on you.

While searching for Mother’s Day cards a week or so ago wandering through the aisles, there was a familiar tune playing on their sound system. All of the sudden while singing and bopping to the tune, a man and his son passed by. They looked lost like a deer in headlights. Continuing on the quest, we came upon each other again in the next aisle.

Finally finding the Mother’s Day cards after an intense search like Goldilocks to find the perfect one, someone passing by is singing with the next song playing in the store. Think about it… A great opportunity to strike up a conversation around the song, band, etc.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it for next month is be alert when on the quest for a Father’s Day card. All the single, divorced, and married men and women whose fathers are still alive will be in Hallmark the day before or on Father’s Day getting their cards.

Play your cards right and you might just leave Hallmark with more than you expected.

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