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How to maximize your damage against the new 'Dota 2' boss

A new courier available during the festival
A new courier available during the festival

The Chinese New Year event, the bloom festival is in full swing and the elusive Year Beast is able to be engaged until February 6th at noon PST. For fighting him you are rewarded with Jade Tokens, which can be redeemed for various cosmetic items. The amount of tokens you receive is dependent on how much damage you can deal.

Picking your hero

The year beast will chase down opponents indiscriminately so don't think you can just pick sniper and mindlessly auto attack him. He will turn and devour you. Sniper can be a decent pick if you get some move speed or have a team that can help keep you alive. Armor reduction is very effective as the beast has 100 armor naturally so Slardar and Dazzle can help burst his armor down to a more manageable number. I would recommend a hero you feel comfortable with, has high potential damage, and can be mobile. Invoker is a great pick as he can give alacrity to the raw damage dealers and reduce armor with forge spirits. He also has great mobility with wex and can avoid damage. Troll Warlord can be a great pick up too. He brings great raw damage in melee but can go ranged when necessary. His ultimate also brings his entire team increased damage. Play around with heroes you think are viable and find what works for you. A necessary hero to reach the highest ranks is ursa. If you stack attack speed and get enough swipes on the beast's body you can deal the highest levels of damage.

Edit: A recent patch has made ursa no longer viable as his fury swipes does not effect the boss.

Picking your items

Raw damage is the obvious choice for most carries but making sure your team has an assault cuirass and desolator are important too. Having someone pick up a skadi can also help people kite the boss properly as the slow does work. Orchid doesn't seem to have an effect against the year beast but veil of discord does. For agility heroes butterflies, crit, monkey king bar, and mjollnir are great. For strength you can pick up a heart, mjollnir, and go for more raw damage like divine rapier and crit. If you need mobility manta style or sange and yasha can help. Force boots are a near must by for most heroes, they are force staff active on treads. Try to purchase the different consumable items as they allow you to increase your dps and avoid mechanics throughout the fight. The crimson guard can help tank up any hero if you have low armor.


It is best to target his tail and horn as killing them it adds a lot of damage and stuns the beast giving you time to put as much damage as possible into the boss. He will periodically leap on any enemy and slowly deal damage to them. This is a good opportunity for your dps to deal as much damage as they can. If you manage to kill his horn or tail during this time he will let the person go. He will slam his tail into the ground from time to time which will deal a large amount of damage and stun anyone it hits, it's best to avoid standing close to his tail if you can help it. He will charge up and spin, dealing damage and knocking back players. When he channels he will send out blue balls of fire across the map. You have to dodge these as they do considerable damage. During this phase fighting in melee is not safe. Occasionally he will put pools of water on the ground, similar to Kunkka's torrent. If you don't move out of these they will deal substantial damage and knock you into the air. You can use consumable items to stop certain mechanics or increase your damage and they are necessary to getting a good score.


Currently players using only consumable builds have been able to reach high levels without needing to spend large amounts of gold. Combining mines and firecrackers ursa can quickly do enough damage to reach a higher level and allow their team to receive easy jade tokens.


The best way to learn how to succeed against the boss is to experience it first hand. The beast is intimidating but cooperation can help you get a high score and subsequent rewards.

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