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How to match lip color for your dark Skin Tone

Sometimes it is very hard to find the lip color of your choice because it just does not match the tone of your skin. And then we all end up buying the wrong shade which does not even suit us when we put it on our lips. This is the story which most of the Asian women go through because they tend to have dim or slightly darker skin tones.

When you have dim skin tone you need to be very careful with what color you put on your lips because it can make you look pretty and make you look very ugly. Also at times when you have dark lips any color you put on your lips which is light will not cover your lips completely. You need to know about the best color lip gloss for dark lips which covers your lips completely.

I have listed down the best color lip gloss for dark lips below.

You must always use a lip color which is two to three tones darker than your lips actual color. This way you can cover your lips and the darker color of your lips will not be shown. The lighter tones of lip gloss however cannot cover the darker lips; you might have noticed how they make your lips look as if you put a transparent gloss on them. So it is advisable that wear those lipstick type lip gloss always.

And when it comes to color try using shades of; dark pink, red, maroon, orange, beige, brown. There are so many shades in each one of them. And when I say dark pink and red I mean for women who have dark lips but fall in the fair skin tone category. As for those women who have dark skin tones and darker lips, I would prefer shades of beige and brown. This is because it will accentuate the best features of the face and would not let one look ugly or unattractive just because of the dim skin tone.

Now always go without wearing any makeup on your face or any lip balm on lips when you go to shop for lip colors because if you do you might bring the wrong shade home and it will a complete waste of money and if you still continue wearing that shade you will just look unattractive and look like a dumb duck who can not find a suitable lip shade of herself.

So stay beautiful, stay smart and keep wearing what suits you.

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