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How to Match a Striped Tie with Your Shirt?

Striped Skinny Ties
Striped Skinny Ties
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We know that you love wearing your favourite shirts and ties together. But matching them can be a work of art and if you don’t excel in it, you will mar the look of your ensemble. So, make sure that you try these cheat tricks to match your regular or striped skinny style ties to your shirt, particularly if the shirt comes with a pattern!

Follow the basic rule
There’s one primary rule for matching ties with shirts. This rule states that the primary colour of your shirt should complement your tie. Plus, the larger patterns should amalgamate with the smaller patterns. An ideal option is to match your stripped style ties or regular striped ties with a shirt that is a shade lighter (except for black, where you can choose a contrast). So, ensure that you follow this simple, basic rule to avoid looking like an optical illusion with plethora of prints and styles on your ensemble.

Try Primary Combinations

There are some combinations that never go wrong with a striped pattern. For instance, a gingham check shirt goes along with most of the striped ties. So, you can pair a light blue shirt with a plaid tie in navy blue and dark green. Similarly, a gingham check shirt in grey or black and white can be complemented with a bright boarding stripe tie in dark grey and red or brown and red. The same can be practiced with horizontally striped shirts as well. Bengal Stripe Shirt in Green, blue, grey or black colour with white base can go along with a classic red and navy blue striped tie. Similarly, a checkered shirt in bright blue can be paired with a darker blue tie with a striped pattern in contrasting colour.

Never try these mismatched combinations
Whether you are wearing a striped skinny tie or a regular striped patterned tie, make sure that you don’t try these disastrous combinations (even if you love being experimental). For instance, never combine your Madras Check Shirts with Broad Striped or Camo Tie, you will look like an optical illusion. Don’t opt for a pop dot shirt with a striped tie or else on-lookers might feel dizzy in their heads. And never even combine a Twill stripe tie with Awning striped shirt as there will be a clash of patterns.

Matching striped shirts with striped ties

If you are willing to experiment and can take it off confidently, then striped shirts and striped skinny tie can add fun and style to your ensemble. While wearing striped shirt and tie combo for a formal meeting, make sure that you pair it up with a suit in solid colour to avoid clashing patterns. Don’t ever try experimenting with shirts and ties that have stripes in the same direction or else you will look fatter and too uniformly. Instead, opt for different sizes of stripes in your shirts and ties, preferably larger stripes in ties to complement or coordinate your ensembles.

Try these simple tips to pair your shirts with ties.