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How to market a book in 2014 – 10 simple rules for better results

Book marketing strategies have changed – forever. What might have worked for authors and publishers in the past likely does not produce bottom line results today. Below are 10 ‘do’s and don’ts’ that will allow one to develop an effective book marketing strategy for today’s online environment.

1. Don't - try to get people to visit your book page by chasing buyers around, urging them to visit the page.
Do - Get your page in front of pre-qualified, pre-sold buyers through optimization strategies.

2. Don't - present a generic, non-branded header on your website or book page that says something like “John Smith – Author”.
Do - present a powerful, well-researched brand and branding statement specific to buyer profiles and make sure it is the first thing potential buyers see.

3. Don't - use amateurish, self-centered ‘me-me-me’ language (“I write because”, or “I think” or “I am”).
Do – speak from the buyers’ perspective and state specifically why your work will meet your buyer’s needs (“You will get”, “Readers will find”).

4. Don't - try to sell your work to a generic “anybody age 8 to 80” audience.
Do - understand your buyer profiles (age, gender, geography and specific needs), and understand and address their needs as they perceive them.

5. Don't - present one message to all buyers.
Do - sharply segment your audience and present a laser sharp message developed specifically for each one of those segments.

6. Don't - have threatening calls to action on your book pages (buy now).
Do - engage with your audience through non-threatening calls to action (download now).

7. Don't - use social media as a sales tool to try to get people to buy your work.
Do - use optimized social media posts to get in front of key influencers, develop interest and to brand you and your work.

8. Don't – endlessly chase ‘maybe’ buyers around.
Do - bring pre-qualified, interested buyers to you through optimization strategies.

9. Don't - spend all your time chatting, talking to or engaging with other authors who will never buy your work.
Do - spend your time chatting, talking to or engaging with interested potential buyers.

10. Don't - have any book pages out there that have not been optimized.
Do - Optimize all book pages for your target audience profiles.

And finally:

11. Don't - work hard.
Do - work smart.

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