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How to manage your smartphone?

smart phone
smart phone
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Daily we come across a lot of annoying tasks like working on our smartphones with tiny keys. If we are able to compress the available technology into smaller devices then why not we enlarge the same and make the difficult tasks easier. These days almost every hand has one or other smartphone but there are some situations where we do not feel comfortable carrying every task in the phone. Apart from smartphones, people also use their PCs for the majority of the tasks. Either, it can be professional or personal.

Most of the users complain that they are unable to carry each and every task with smartphone being it is smaller in size and difficult to type.

This is where smartphone management tools for PC like MoboRobo come into picture. MoboRobo helps to carry our daily phone tasks on a PC or a laptop. Phones can run on any OS like Android or iOS but MoboRobo is compatible with both the operating systems.

Features of MoboRobo pc manager:

Smoother interface:

The User Interface of MoboRobo is pretty neat and simple. Even a new user can easily gets a hand of the interface without any difficulty. It does not require any specific guidance to run the software. Everyone can easily work with the tool with all ease. This is where the software gains popularity.

Different connection methods:

To get started, download and install MoboRobo. Less than 25MB size and will not occupy much space on the Hard disk after it is installed.

Now connect your smart phone to the laptop or PC using MoboRobo software that is installed. I recommend to connect phone and computer using USB cable because it gives strong accessible control. Ensure that the USB Debugging mode is enabled in your phone. One can also use Wi-Fi mode to connect both PC and phone if you have wireless connection at your home or office premises.


It is very easy to understand the options or tabs presented on the dashboard. As we already mentioned that the interface is pretty simple and it continues here too. It gives options like:

• Available memory of SD Card
• Used memory of SD Card
• File Manager
• Backup/Restore
• Number of contacts
• Messages list
• Apps list
• Images, videos and other files list.

Exporting options:

MoboRobo presents all the basic options one need to carryon to manage their smartphone. It is related to their contacts, messages, music, videos, Incoming calls, outgoing calls. It presents entire list in the big screen to manage them easily. It shows all sent and received messages on your phone. One can export these lists and even can call to any contact by clicking on the Call button on the screen.

Multimedia settings:

Software provides all multimedia applications related to photos, music and videos. Using the Image tab one can download wallpapers from internet. Same applies for downloading Music and Video tab to download videos from MMOSITE. One can even set a specific image as a wallpaper in their Android phone.

File manager settings:

It allows one to manage file management tasks like adding new folders, files, moving, uploading files to and fro between laptop or PC and phone. Delete files to regain the memory. All these can be easily managed at one place on the big screen using this software.

Backup & restore:

Backup and Restore is one important feature every smartphone user looking for. Nowadays we store so much data as the memory cards capacity is increased with smartphones. We can never say when our phone stops working or damages. Data can be lost anytime. Considering this, MoboRobo introduced Backup & Restore option so that the users can backup all the data like files, photo, music, videos, themes and restore them when there is a data loss.

Operating system compatibility:

It can be either Android or Apple iOS running on the smartphone. MoboRobo provides greater compatibility supporting both the operating systems in the smart phones.

Phone cleanup:

MoboRobo also facilitates the users to clean the phones memory. This allows to wash away cache files or temporary scrap, and provide free space in the phone. It helps to improve the performance of the phone much better. Even though there are separate apps for these kinds of tasks it is suggestible not to install so many apps for each task when we have software that serves multiple features.

Install games:

Android and iOS have their app stores with huge collection of apps. Using Wi-Fi or Mobile internet one can download and install them using this software directly. Once installed, you can definitely play any game on your smartphone.


MoboRobo is an all-in-one smartphone manager tool that every user finds extremely useful software to manage their smartphones on PC or laptops with ease.