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How to manage your day with efficiency

I have the strength for everything through him who empowers me. ‐ Philippians 4:13

Most of us live in a very busy world where demands from everyone is barked at us at the first hour of the morning: the crying baby who wants to be fed, the child who has lost his other pair of socks, the husband or wife who needs a hand with the kids, the mother who broke her hip or the father who needs to see a doctor.

At work, coworkers would interrupt with their agenda or the boss would add more items to the pile of priorities. The biggest demand would probably come from our own superego. Don't do this, do that. Not this way
but that way. Things can get pretty overwhelming.

In this bible verse, Jesus is inviting us to go to Him at the start of the day. He wants to show us a way that will help us deal with life's demands. If we rely solely on our power, it is easy to be drained. He, the infinite source of life and spring of water in our dryness, is offering His infinite power. That precious moment offered to Him at the start of any day is all He needs to work in our lives. It is that mustard seed, so small and insignificant, which would grow to encompass our whole day, its branches embracing our endeavors, bringing forth immense productivity that would never have been possible without His intervention. Unless we open the door for Him to enter, He will not be able to move in our lives to help us for He respects our will. And we usually go about our daily business, only asking for His help when we're already in desperate mode and something wrong has happened, which could have been prevented in the first place, had we allowed Him to be there in the first steps, at the first hour of our day.

Let us not waste time and opportunity by relying on ourselves. We should have learned our lessons well based on our past faith experiences. Human as we are, we tend to forget. Yet He never grows tired of offering His first hour to us, inviting us to let Him in to our lives so He can work wonders, and we can experience how it is to be a favored child of God. May we be faithful to Him at this first hour, not for His sake, but for our sake. Not for our glory but for His greater glory and honor.

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