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How to Manage the Challenges Posed by Activist Campaigns as a PR Practitioner

Many positive changes have resulted from the work of activist groups, and activism still benefits society nowadays in various ways. However, Keva Silversmith, author of “A PR Practitioner’s Guide to Activist Groups: When and How to Respond,” considers that activist campaigns are often so far outside the normal course of business that it becomes a challenge for any executive to handle them. Moreover, executives rarely take time to ponder upon this situation and to discover efficient methods of dealing with it.

In “A PR Practitioner’s Guide to Activist Groups: When and How to Respond,” Keva Silversmith calls the lack of action from the executives’ part ‘naivety,’ which in his opinion can be both institutional and individual. He said that activist groups use well-thought tactics and strategies in order to exploit this naivety.

Furthermore, Keva Silversmith has a different perspective on a company’s response to activist demands: he considers that it is firstly a business decision, and that the communication-related aspect is only secondary. It is at this point that the public relations department becomes the main focus of both clever activists and overwhelmed executives, as they all come looking for answers.

As a public relations professional, Keva Silversmith drew from his extensive experience in order to write a straight-to-the-point, useful guide. He relies on relevant, present-day examples to back-up his claims and to provide to the reader an efficient approach to dealing with activist groups. Business executives, entrepreneurs, PR practitioners, and corporate leaders, all of them can benefit from reading “A PR Practitioner’s Guide to Activist Groups: When and How to Respond.” K. Silversmith’s book will teach you how to better manage the challenge posed by activist campaigns.

You may find “A PR Practitioner's Guide to Activist Groups” on Amazon, where it will be available for free on 4/23 and 4/24.

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