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How To Make Your Wife Cuckold You

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It is quite natural that wives by nature are very possessive about their husbands and would never like some other women sharing him physically, or even emotionally. However, in spite of this being the majority, there are a number of instances where wives have allowed their husbands to be cuckolded. Hence it would be interesting to have a look at the various ways and means by which you can allow your wife to accept the fact that she will be sexually active with some other men. In fact it would also be interesting to know how it would be possible for you to cajole and convince your wife to do this which at the beginning might look impossible or improbable.

Are You Ready

The basic starting point is whether you would like to be cuckolded by your wife. Unless this is not clear moving into the next step might not be very easy. Your mind and body will not allow it and there will always be a sense of guilt and a sense of wrong doing. Hence, before molding your wife into cuckolding you, you must be ready for the act. Try and read some stories on the subject like these: cuckold stories. At the end of the day, many men might think it is quite easy and enjoyable too. While there could be some momentary enjoyment of other men sleeping with your wife encouraging, somewhere deep down the need to cuckold might leave a deep scar which you might find it difficult to overcome.

You Should Allow Your Wife To Dominate

If you are keen on allowing your wife to cuckold you, you must understand that you have to be totally submissive to her. She is the one who should be allowed to call the shots. The entire act of cuckolding cannot start overnight and there is a lot of preparation time that needs to be taken into account. Without this you will find it difficult to make your wife submissive. More importantly being a male you must train your mind and make it submissive to your wife. Only when the wife fully allows to cuckold you should you move forward.

Let Your Wife Choose The Partner

It is incumbent upon you to walk the talk as far as submissiveness is concerned. This is quite difficult because when your wife is okay with your cuckold ventures, you might want to choose the partner whom you like and who you think will turn you on. However, this might not be the right approach, especially when you are planning to make your wife take the first step and lead you down the path of cuckolding. The wife should be the one to choose the partner.

Try Rewarding Her And Take Punishment When You Are In The Wrong

If you are well and truly into cuckolding, you must always keep in mind that she is the one who should be credited for it. Without her consent and approval it would have been impossible to penetrate any big distance in the literal sense of the term. Therefore, you must find ways and means by which you can reward her. The reward could be anything that pleases her. In the same light, if your wife feels that you have let her down, you must be willing to accept it and be also prepared to take the punishments that might come along the way. If you can get into this habit well before you get into cuckolding, chances of bringing on board your wife are very bright to say the least.

While the entire concept of cuckolding might look bizarre and unnatural, as long as there is perfect understanding between the husband and wife, every thing is fair in the field of cuckolding so to say.

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