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How to make your semen taste great

Semen, as you have probably already expected, doesn't have the best taste, and it certainly isn't something most people crave for. But, as old Latin the saying goes, de gustibus non est disputandum (of taste there is no arguing), so some folks will find the natural taste of semen pleasant or even appeasing. The natural taste of semen is usually compared to salt, bitter salt or chlorine-salty gooey water. This peculiar taste makes semen not particularly pleasant to swallow or get on you taste buds. And we all know that men absolutely love it when their partner takes the big gulp down their throats. Thankfully, there are some tips that can help the seed become better tasting and even enjoyable for the taste buds. Of course, the well known gooey texture of semen cannot be changed so easily, so it is something people must get accustomed with.

Here are some tips to make your semen taste better:

1. Ever hear the old saying "you are what you eat?"

Semen is a body secretion that is greatly affected by the diet, and it's taste can be changed depending on what a person eats or drinks on a daily basis. Although this area of anatomy hasn't been studied by famous universities or scientists, it is part of common sense that if you have a diet consisting of copious amounts of garlic and onions, the semen will taste worse and more acidic. This is exactly what happens with the smell of your breath when you eat a lot of garlic. Similarly, other types of food affect the taste of your semen, particularly meaty products or dairy. Try to avoid them, as they give a foul, rancid taste to the semen.

2. Try to eat a lot of sweet fruit, which are high in natural sugars such as fructose.

Your main focus should be on pineapple. This magic fruit has a huge amount of natural sugar and will change the taste of semen in approximately 12 to 24 hours. Try to add alongside a couple of bananas, papaya, mangoes, watermelon, cranberry or other high fructose fruit. Also, citrus fruits are great choices, and you can go for the very popular oranges, lemons or limes. Generally, all exotic fruits are excellent if you want to have great tasting semen. Common fruit like apples, grapes or pears also do wonders but you'll have to increase the amount eaten. If you are in a hurry or can't find a good source of fresh fruit, go for natural juice or extracts. They will do the job and the results will be similar.

Another thing to look out for is water. Always be well hydrated and always drink cold water, without artificial sugars, such as fizzy drinks or similar fake products.

3. Avoid processed foods, processed meaty products such as bacon, bologna or other salami products.

They have a huge amount of saturated fats and salt that will give your semen a horrific taste. To put it simply, don't eat fish, sea foods, poultry or any meat whatsoever. Also, if you are a fan of spicy foods, get rid of them. Replace them with stews, fruit salads and vegetables that are not very aromatic. Go for celery, parsley, cinnamon, ginger or nutmeg if you want to add flavor to your meals. Celery is definitely a game changer to attract women as well.

4. Avoid alcohol at all costs, even though you love it and drink plenty during parties or get-togethers with friends.

Even though this tip will likely be too much for the party animals out there, you must try and drink alcohol as little as possible if you want to have sweet tasting semen. This means any type of alcohol must be totally absent from your diet. Whether it's draught beer, martinis, champagne, wine, vodka or gin, it all must go out of your system as quickly as possible. Alongside alcohol, you should give up smoking or drugs and junk food. All these vices are common and only destroy your overall health and add a terrible taste to your semen.

5. Lastly, semen can become better tasting by always keeping well hydrated.

As said before, drink plenty of water or natural juices. Also, adding egg whites and fresh eggs to your diet may increase semen volume. Now you know how to make semen taste better overall and the consistency more appealing. Your semen will be more creamier and more palatable. Whey protein supplements, wheat germ or omega 3 oils will also make the semen more creamier and pleasant.

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